HZO | A Technology, Licensing & Solutions Company
As a technology, licensing and solutions company, the success of HZO is deeply rooted in the passion, vision and drive of dedicated employees who create a mecca for innovation and inspiration.
Technology Company
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Since announcing our fully commercialized liquid protection solutions in 2012, HZO has been continually enhancing and validating our technology, and applying our conformal coating to devices and electronics in technical, industrial, medical and consumer industries around the world.

Some people may know of HZO as the company that dunks iPhones and tablets in water (a show stopping demonstration we started doing at CES in 2012), and while it is true that our technology is powerful enough to protect a device from full submersion in practically any kind of corrosive liquid, the power and utility of our application reaches well beyond the world of consumer electronics.

For those who don’t know much about HZO, you may think that we’re just another company claiming to provide an aftermarket water resistant option that protects agains splashes. That’s not us. The truth is that the technology offered by other companies simply doesn’t stand up in side by side testing against HZO. Our technology provides device makers and manufacturers with a differentiating feature, and liquid protection that performs at a much higher level of reliability than mechanical seals, gaskets or other hydrophobic coatings. HZO is the only technology that can withstand extended liquid submersion and prevent the growth of corrosion before it begins.

Take a closer look at our history, from market entry to current day, and examine the technology, level of protection and business model at HZO, you’ll find that this company is truly unlike any other that provides protective technology for electronics.

While HZO’s technology is designed and developed to provide protection against corrosion, liquids, dust and debris, the truth is that our advanced thin film nanotechnology and perpetual innovation goes well beyond that. As a technology, solutions and licensing company, HZO is focused on:

  • Building strong technology partnerships
  • Delivering licensable technology and scalable solutions
  • Creating a strong, competitive advantage for our partners
For us, this is about more than simply protecting an electronic board or device. This is about providing a scalable next generation technology to manufacturers that will actually improve efficiency while allowing them to provide a defining feature that gives consumers the freedom to do more with their devices.  Over the past several years, HZO has worked diligently to enhance and strengthen product offerings, validate and improve application process, and accommodate mass production environments that allow us to align with the volume demands of our valuable partners. What we’ve learned is that the world is ready for liquid and corrosion protection that lives up to its claims, and HZO has proven technology solutions that are ready to help companies change where and how the world uses electronic devices.