HZO | Accomplishments & Associations | Nanocoating Technology
Consistently pushing the limits of possibility and raising the bar on nancoating technologies doesn't go unnoticed. While they may be awards, we like to think of it as validation.
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HZO’s award winning intellectual property provides customers with increased confidence in their market positions and competitive advantages by improving the operational effectiveness of manufacturing, capital efficiency, ROI, time to market, brand loyalty, and overall product portfolio value. HZO also has the only protective technology that liberates consumers to use their devices anywhere.

As our technology continues to advance, picking up accolades along the way to a better product and solution is both a great honor, and a powerful motivator.

2013 – Best in Biz Awards, Silver Winner

Innovation is what drives the advancement of our technology at HZO, so it was nice to have WaterBlock recognized by the Best in Biz Awards as a Silver Winner in the Most Innovative Product of the Year category.

2013 – International Business Awards, Gold Stevie Winner

HZO Was honored to receive recognition and accolades on the International stage when we picked up a Gold Stevie Award for Best New Product or Service of the Year in the Consumer Electronics category.

2012 – CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award

HZO received one of the prestigious CES Innovation Design and Engineering Awards after demonstrating to the world that its water repellant technology is unlike anything else on the market. The judging panel of independent industrial designers, engineers, and members of the trade press deemed HZO to have one of the world’s best new technologies in the Embedded Technologies category.

2012 – CES Media Sensation

Our debut at CES 2012 led to extensive media exposure for HZO that included coverage by the New York Times, USA Today, NPR, Forbes, MSNBC and thousands more. From this impact came more than 500 business inquiries from 60 different industry and product categories shortly after CES.

2012 – The Utah Innovation Awards

HZO, with its revolutionary liquid and corrosion resistant technology, received the 2012 Utah Innovation award in the Consumer Products category, further setting the companies solutions apart from other products on the market. The Utah Innovation Awards, presented by Stoel Rives LLP and the Utah Technology Council, is the state’s first and premier innovation awards program where presenters aim to recognize cutting-edge innovations by local companies. The Utah Innovation Awards selected twenty-seven innovations across multiple industries as finalists, including HZO’s proprietary technology.


HZO is also a proud member and supporter of the following esteemed organizations.

  • Consumer Electronics Association
  • Telecom Council
  • NanoBCA (NanoBusiness Commercialization Association )
  • Advisory Board Member
  • JSNN (North Carolina Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering)
  • Advisory Board Member
  • IPC