HZO | Liquid & Corrosion Protection for Auto, Aerospace & More
Develop safe and effective electronic devices for aerospace and automotive products with superior liquid and corrosion protection technology from HZO.
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Today’s automobiles are becoming more and more electronically complex, and sensors, circuit boards, wiring and even small computers are essential to even get your car in gear. HZO’s liquid and corrosion solutions can help protect the components that play a critical role in today’s complex automotive engineering with industrial coatings that have the ability to adhere to many materials including rubber, metal and plastics.

HZO’s solution is the ideal candidate to cut down on weight, but still provide:

  • Water resistant car circuitry
  • Water resistant automotive displays
  • Water resistant automotive wiring
  • Water resistant automotive sensors

But protection from water and other elements is definitely not just a land locked problem. Pilots and space travelers alike can rely on HZO to be there to protect against the elements in their equipment, sensors and tools. Wherever these brave travelers seek and find water, HZO will be there to protect against it.