HZO | Liquid & Corrosion Protection for Auto, Aerospace & More
Develop safe and effective electronic components, wiring and sensors for automotive parts with superior liquid and corrosion protection technology from HZO.
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As cars and other forms of transportation become increasingly reliant on computers, technology, hardware and software, it’s more imperative than ever that the systems helping deliver a smooth and safe ride have to be resistant to the elements. Safe from exposure to heat and cold. Safe from corrosive liquids and contaminants. Safe from the effects of corrosion.

HZO’s patented technology is capable of protecting the vital sensors, components and circuitry at the forefront of electronics in the transportation and automotive industries. HZO’s protective material has proven to be an outstanding solution option for protecting these critical parts due to its robust protection. With application equipment installed in key areas throughout Asia Pacific and around the world capable of supporting automotive manufacturers immediately, HZO is strategically positioned to become an important feature for the next generation of high performing automotive components.

HZO solutions are an unobtrusive and minimalist way to reduce weight and bulk without compromising the integrity of protection, creating security and peace of mind by helping create things like:

  • Water resistant circuitry
  • Water resistant sensors
  • Water resistant automotive wiring
  • Water resistant automotive displays

As auto makers become more dependent on technology to make cars more intelligent, and as consumers keep demanding features for smarter, more efficient cars, the need for more sensitive and mission critical electronics will continue to be integrated into design. HZO stands ready to offer the environmental protection required to meet the most rigorous demands, on-road, or off-road.