Increasing the lifespan of LED Signage.

Due to their versatility, LEDs are often exposed to unbelievably harsh environments. Whether it’s a digital billboard, scoreboard or other commercial application, these displays are regularly exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, salty atmospheres and extended UV exposure. To ensure functionality and long-term performance, LED boards need protection.

The manufacturing industry has been protecting them with covers and conformal coatings for years without HZO. Why change? HZO increases the lifespan of LED signage compared to current offerings on the market. That means less maintenance and downtime for you and your clients. HZO’s Parylene-based technology delivers the ideal coating solution for LED boards of all kinds. Applied directly to the circuitry, our proprietary protective barrier is ultra-thin, optically clear, pinhole free and offers best-in-class protection and reliability. What’s more, HZO has developed several application processes (patents pending) for coating LEDs that greatly reduce the manual masking processes associated with traditional Parylene coatings and the multi-step processes involved with materials like acrylic and silicone. These innovations have shortened HZO preparation time on the front end and nearly removed the need for rework on the back end. For LED manufacturers this means less time, lower cost and enhanced and extended performance.

Mark Sprague

Sales Director

Mark’s extensive background in industrial hardware makes him the ideal lead to give next generation protection to the LED market of the future. With experience at companies such as Trimble, RFMD and QuickLogic, Mark is able to assess a company’s needs and help them achieve their product and budget goals for environmental protection.

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