When failure is not an option.

As cars and other forms of transportation become increasingly reliant on modern circuitry and sensory input, it’s imperative that these systems reliably function despite the constant onslaught of the elements. Safe from exposure to heat and cold. Safe from corrosive liquids and contaminants. Safe from failure.

HZO’s patented technology and protection processes excel at protecting the vital sensors, components and electronics that are ever more present in the transportation and automotive industries. With high-temperature capabilities and superior corrosion resistance to liquid, chemicals, dust and debris, HZO’s low margin, protective material has proven to be an outstanding solution option for protecting the next generation of high-performance transportation components.

Jennifer Gallagher

Sales Director

A Detroit native and seasoned industry executive, Jennifer leads the automotive division of HZO. With decades of experience, she offers unmatched industry expertise and innovative solutions for every automotive application. From steering columns to backup cameras, see how Jennifer and the HZO team can help protect your next automotive project.

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HZO engineers work with you during development to create a component-level defense and achieve the best possible IP rating for your device.

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