HZO | Water Proof Solutions for Manufacturers | Nanocoating Integrations
HZO has invested heavily in the advancement of our equipment and process in order to ensure streamlined integration of equipment and full support of high volume production for manufacturers and OEMs.
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HZO delivers scalable, end-to-end solutions for OEMs and manufacturers seeking to meet consumer’s demand for device protection while maintaining flexibility and innovation in product design. HZO has continued to advanced our patented technology and refine and strengthen our business models in order to provide the most comprehensive and advanced end-to-end solutions available.

As a dedicated and highly experienced technical partner, HZO is able to share valuable tools and help implement tailored solutions with brands and manufactures to create better products across the whole spectrum of electronics–from consumer, to life sciences, and industrial arenas. A world-class technical team analyzes and creates tailored solutions for each project we engage in, and lends our expertise in a design ecosystem that accommodates any product lifecycle stage.

HZO’s licensable technology seamlessly integrates into the design and manufacturing process, anywhere from conception to completion for a unified and tailored application.

Coating a variety of electronic devices and components within a diverse range of industries is a core competency of HZO, and our superior next generation technology provides a real competitive advantage that is available to manufacturers today. We’ve worked hard to set the bar high and create a new standard for corrosion and liquid protection, and our technology and equipment integrations offer opportunities for OEM’s and manufacturers to increase operational effectiveness, capital efficiency and ROI while enhancing brand loyalty.


• Licensable: Become a part of HZO’s advanced technology partnerships and robust end-to-end solutions by implementing our protected and proprietary equipment, process and application directly into your operations. HZO is a technology partner that works closely with customers to ensure seamless integration and mutual success.

• Scalable: Do you have hundreds, thousands or millions of products in production? HZO is ready to scale in any direction to meet the unique requirements of our business partners. With current application locations in the USA, China and Japan, HZO is expanding its global footprint with the help of our culturally diverse team in order to meet growing demand and further expand high volume production capacities.

• Protected: HZO is an innovative solution provider with a world-class technical team, and is the sole developer and owner of powerful and scalable liquid protection technologies. We work aggressively to not only advance new innovation, but to ensure that our intellectual property, machinery, processes, formulas and concepts are safeguarded from competitors through aggressive pursuit of patents and IP protections.


The more HZO has grown the more versatile we’ve become, and we offer a variety of solutions that will match the needs of most companies and products that are searching for a coating solution. Whether that means coating electronics or devices at one of our global facilities, or integrating high throughput manufacturing solutions into a customers facilities, our team is ready to support the unique business challenges and requirements of any of our partners and their products.

No matter what interest level you’re at, most products we receive have to go through a rigorous validation process to ensure it’s a good fit for our coating process. This is where our team of R&D analysts and engineers engage in the following steps:

  1. The team assesses the units/devices and work directly with the manufacturers who made them in order to understand the design of the product, and to identify potential stopgaps and problem areas.
  2.  We develop a customized plan and process for the device, ensuring that our team can optimally execute the coating process for that particular unit.
  3. HZO’s quality control engineers run a meticulous check on the units to ensure complete functionality and to make required modifications.
  4.  Our team will then draft a detailed document of the entire process and ship the units back to the customer for additional testing
  5. In some cases we will work with companies to help modify the engineering of their products in order to streamline the coating process.


HZO has developed proprietary machinery to aid in the research and development process, as well as on-site production of batches of electronic devices and parts. Our  state-of-the-art systems have been developed for the purpose of depositing our thin film technology onto all types of electric devices with excellent uniformity and select thickness of coating.

The design of HZO’s machinery and equipment also allows us to meet the demands of a high volume manufacturing environment. With a recently expanded production facility in Utah, a new center in China and application partner facilities in other countries around the world, HZO is already supporting mass production with some of the world’s top brands and has the capacity to protect millions of devices annually.

Other testing equipment includes a custom-built testing station, used during the R&D and validation process of devices and their components. This fully automated, programmable, testing equipment can accommodate multiple units at the same time.