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HZO offers the only complete nanocoating solution for full liquid and corrosion protection. Contact us for more information about our solutions.
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HZO offers liquid and corrosion protection for a wide range of electronic products across a wide range of industries. Our licensable, scalable, solutions provide a highly advanced level of submersion protection, and our technical team specializes in working with manufacturers, large and small, to create robust solutions.

HZO’s talented team works closely with partners every step of the way to ensure that through the validation process every product is handled, inspected and protected to provide the best experience possible. Give your products the differentiating feature that the market is demanding, at a level you may have thought wasn’t possible.

Fill out the request form below and someone will get back to you shortly about your inquiry. We look forward to working with you.

HZO requires a mutual NDA prior to sharing confidential information.

* Please note that at this time HZO does not treat individual phones or any other aftermarket devices for consumers. 

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