Video Roundup: See how HZO compares to other water protection technologies


To ensure our protection is the best solution for our customers, HZO frequently tests our products against other technologies on the market. Occasionally we publish these results to help others see the results for themselves.

HZO vs. Mechanical Seals: 

Mechanical seals, gaskets and other sealing methods are the ‘go-to’ for many designers and engineers, but have seriously drawbacks in this day and age of smaller, thinner, more portable electronics. In the video above, HZO illustrates that while mechanical seals may work out of the box, drops, temperature fluctuations and bends can compromise the integrity of this aging technology. HZO’s internal Parylene coating withstands the bumps and bruises of everyday life and keeps the circuitry it is applied to protected from a wide variety of threats.

HZO vs. Plasma Applied Coatings: 

Plasma applied coatings make a surface hydrophobic, wicking water away from the surface of a circuit board with minimal manufacturing processes. Sounds pretty good, right? Plasma applied coatings are very tempting to use as a manufacturer for the ‘ease of use,’ but in the end can cause headaches for quality and reliability after production is complete. Hydrophobic coatings are not waterproof. They work well to repel water, but prolonged exposure or submersion will destroy the circuitry as seen in the videos above. How? Water overcomes the hydrophobic surface and eventually seeps through the thin barrier. These coatings are also prone to friction and can wear away, exposing the vulnerable circuitry. Plasma applied coatings have their place in protecting fabrics, filters and electronics in very mild environments but should not be considered for robust water protection.


No solution is perfect, but HZO is pretty close. A microns-thin transparent coating capable of robust protection against a wide variety of liquids and environments is the next generation of waterproofing. HZO already offers mass production solutions for some of the top brands in the world. Reach out today to see how HZO can help protect your upcoming products.