Death by Water Damage: How Do Top Smartphones Stack Up in Torture Tests?

Now, more than ever before, we are taking our tablets, smartphones, and portable devices with us nearly everywhere. On planes, to the beach, on camping trips, to the bathroom… You name it. Because of this, people want their devices to last. When a new device comes out, some of the first things people want to know are, “How durable is it?” and, “Will it withstand water damage?” The problem is that most people don’t want to push their own personal devices to the limit to find out the answer. Luckily, there are plenty of brave tech-review sites out there willing to put phones and other devices to the test, examining how popular gadgets like the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 hold up while being dropped, tossed, scraped, spilled on, submerged… Even put through washing machines and burnt with lasers. Take a look as we show you some of the most popular phones out today going through some of the most gut-wrenching torture testing we have ever seen…

iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

In this video, the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 go head to head in a barrage of tests designed by the crew at Square Trade, a top mobile device insurance provider, to tests their durability and water resistance. Recently, Square Trade released some interesting iPhone damage stats, suggesting that Americans have spent nearly $6 billion on damaged iPhones alone, with 30% of damage coming from drops and 27% water damage. The most compelling part of this video comes when both phones are fully submerged into a swimming pool, with only one device coming out alive. Watch to find out which survived!

Nokia Lumia 900’s Watery Grave

This set of tests, performed by CNET on the Nokia Lumia 900, a Windows flagship phone, include putting it in the freezer, baking it in the oven, using it to hammer nails into plywood, and dropping it off the top of a moving car- all of which the Nokia Lumia 900 passed with flying colors. Lastly, the phone was fully submerged in water while duplicating the popular “got pushed into a pool while my phone was in my pocket” scenario. Not surprisingly, it did not survive- even after being left in a bag of rice in an attempt to absorb excess moisture from the device. Water damage claims another victim.

The iPhone 5- Coffee, Anyone?

Popular tech site, Android Authority, decided to test how the iPhone 5 would handle a run-in with a cup of hot coffee and full submersion in a tank of water for 15-seconds. The coffee didn’t seem to affect the iPhone 5 at all, but after 15-seconds underwater, the phone eventually was unable to resume functionality.

The Verdict

Through all of these torture tests, the common theme seems to be that no matter how much battering and bruising these devices can handle, water continues to be a common problem facing devices and their users. This is one of the biggest reasons we here at HZO are working so hard to continue to get our technology integrated into the manufacturing process, and into new devices.  There are two big reasons why we think it’s important to integrate HZO directly into the manufacturing process: One, by integrating HZO technology directly into new devices it eliminates the extra costs and hassle of secondary forms of water protection. You don’t have to ship your phone away to have it protected or buy a bulky, awkward case if the water protection technology is already built in! Two, with HZO integrated into the device as it comes directly from major manufacturers, HZO is able to work directly with the companies making your device, ensuring that the coating process is customized individually to the device for the best possible results.

Take a look at how one of HZO’d devices stood up against a device coated with another form of splash protection- Motorola’s Splash Guard technology. The results speak for themselves!

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