5 Reasons Consumers Want Waterproof Devices

Ria Madan | June 18, 2020

Consumer electronics have evolved significantly in the past ten years and have changed the way we communicate, workout, entertain ourselves, capture memories, and more. Products such as earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, and smartwatches are consistently improving to meet and exceed market demands. However, one thing remains constant: these devices are still vulnerable to ordinary liquids or water. Currently, 82.5 million cell phones are destroyed each year due to water damage, and that’s just one segment in the consumer electronics market.

Waterproofing is a critical feature that people consider when deciding to purchase consumer electronic products. Case in point, one survey showed that 70% of the participants thought it was important to have waterproof devices. And, why do you think? Here are five major reasons.

1. Convenient

Waterproof devices allow consumers to have more flexibility. With a waterproof device, you wouldn’t have to worry about taking extra precautions around the pool. Taking a bath and using your phone would be a breeze, and you could use Bluetooth speakers to play music in the kitchen without worrying about splashes. Waterproofing creates new possibilities that would allow consumers to use their electronic products in various conditions like rain, snow, and humidity without the fear of accidental damage.

One thing remains constant: these devices are still vulnerable to ordinary liquids or water.

2. Cost-Effective

Repairing a water damaged consumer electronics device can be costly. Take cell phones, for example. When these devices get wet, it can cost anywhere between $80-$250 to fix, and that’s when they can be saved. Unfortunately, in many cases, the destruction is beyond repair, and the only alternative is to purchase a new product. In the long run, buying a waterproof product is a smart investment, considering the various circumstances we are met with on a daily basis that put our devices in jeopardy.

3. Hygienic

Cellphones are an integral parts of our lives. We use our phones at work, in bed, and yes, many of us also take them into the bathroom. But it’s not just phones that we are always touching. Headphones at the gym, smart doorbells at people’s houses, and fitness trackers that count our steps are just a few more examples of devices we frequently connect with that need to be cleaned. All these devices can contain dirt, sweat, bacteria, which is then transferred to our hands. But with waterproofing, devices can be properly sanitized. Phones could be cleaned with an isopropyl-alcohol-and-water mixture and a microfiber cloth, and headphones and laptops can be sanitized with eyeglass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Waterproof features allow consumers to clean their devices without the fear of excessive exposure to liquids.

One survey showed that 70% of the participants thought it was important to have waterproof devices.

4. Sweatproof

With waterproofing, sweat is no longer an issue for consumer electronics devices, another reason why this feature is in high demand. Consumers want to get sweaty on jogs and workout in the rain. No matter the conditions, nobody wants to stress about protecting their devices.

5.Underwater Photography 

People are regularly buying new specialty cameras and other equipment to film and photograph underwater. But with waterproofing, you could just use your phone to take photos and videos instead of having to spend additional money on devices specifically made for underwater. In fact, all of your devices could also be used as underwater gear.

Versatility, convenience, cost-avoidance, and hygiene are just some of the reasons why consumers are demanding waterproof devices. If you agree that waterproofing is an important feature to have and would like to protect the consumer electronics product you are designing from accidents and environments, contact HZO today for a FREE consultation and speak to one of our dedicated engineers.

Ria Madan

Ria Madan is a Marketing & Communications Intern at HZO. She is a student at North Carolina State University studying Marketing & Spanish. Ria enjoys baking & traveling and hopes to see the seven wonders of the world and more!

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Ryan is a 9-year veteran to the world of protecting electronics from harsh environments and a lover of all things technology.

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