5 Unique Ways To Use Your Waterproof Phone

Posted on August 13th, 2015 by

Most of the time, people think that the only benefit of a waterproof phone is to preserve its functionality in case of an accidental drop into the pool or the loo. Shouldn’t technology be proactive and not just reactive? What if you could use your waterproof device for not just insurance, but to augment your life and fun? Every day people are getting a little more used to the idea of an HZO Protected World, but we thought we would pull back the curtain a bit more by sharing five uses of a waterproof phone that maybe haven’t crossed your mind.

If your waterproof electronic is up for the challenge, here are a few ideas to consider:

1. Take Advantage of Your Camera 

Sure a snapshot in the rain or a brief smile and a selfie video in the pool is cool, but what about awakening your inner Spielberg or Ansel Adams? Most phones today have robust camera settings for both motion and still capture. Features like slow motion, time-lapse, filters and panorama in an underwater or wet environment offer a unique opportunity to engage your creative side in a new medium. For example, we at HZO took our HZO Protected iPhone 6 to a family reunion and filmed some fun and engaging slow-motion footage in the pool which proved to be a hit. What would you film?

2. Waterproof is Adventure’s Best Friend

What good is an electronic if you can’t use it whenever and wherever you want? Many times adventure takes us to places and environments where we wouldn’t dare expose our electronics due to fear of losing them forever to corrosion and water damage. Think of all the missed opportunities in three-foot water deep slot canyons, waterfall rendezvous and dock jumps? Having your phone nearby to snap a pic, jot down a thought or make an emergency phone call can prove invaluable. Next time adventure calls, answer with a waterproof device that isn’t safely tucked away in your bag behind layers of plastic but in your pocket, ready to capture the moment.

3. Everyone Loves Data

In a world of FitBits and smart thermostats, we’re becoming a world obsessed with data collection and analysis. Why should the collection stop when your near water? For example, what about placing your phone at the bottom of a lap pool, displaying a stopwatch as a new perspective to help you keep track of your lap times and overall pace. The next couple of years will see an increase in devices being able to function and interact with water. For example, Swim.com just released an app for Android Wear, allowing waterproof devices to record and analyze your swims as you wear them. The future for underwater data collection is bright, and wet.

4. Wash Phone, Rinse, Repeat

Humans are messy creatures. We are constantly interacting with (and spilling) oils, syrups, dirt, sodas, and sweat. When it’s time for a clean up, we wash our hands. Why not wash your phone? Everything from daily grime to bad spills can eventually gum up and ruin a device. Consider doing maintenance washing of your waterproof phone to keep it clean and tidy.

5. Water, Water (not) Everywhere

Sure, 71% of the earth’s surface is covered with water, but that leaves 29% of other environments that can also wreak havoc on your phone. Everything from very humid locations to snow capped mountains (yes, that’s just frozen water) to dirt infested hikes. Your waterproof phone may bill itself as water submersion protection, but chances are it can protect against humidity, melted snowflakes and even dust and grime as well. Check out your device’s IP (Ingress Protection) level or HZO Protection rating to see what it can withstand. It may surprise you.

Unfortunately, we recognize that not all of the phones today are waterproof or have limited capabilities in terms of liquid protection. Never fear. Bookmark this page for the near future as we see the trend of waterproof devices continue to mature and expand with HZO at the forefront.

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