HZO WaterBlock Technology: A definite game changer

“This little company that has become a media sensation.” -NPR

“WaterBlock™, which received the CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award, “technology at its best,” and one of the “hottest gadgets for 2012.” -Good Morning America

“One of the most astonishing products here at the International Consumer Electronics Show.”
-The New York Times

Every once in a while something comes along in the tech world that you immediately sit up and take notice of. News feeds are usually filled with new technology promising larger hard drives, longer lasting batteries and faster chipsets, so its not everyday that you see a company touting water resistant technology, on the INSIDE, to protect your gadgets. The mere notion of it would be a game changer for the tech and gadget world. That is exactly the claim though of HzO, a new startup that keeps your gadgets safe from splashes and submersion with a “nano-scale film barrier” that is invisible to the naked eye.

​The company recently showed off this technology at a CES preview in New York and quickly became the buzz of the internet. PC World posted a video of the event (see above) of HzO’s CEO Paul S. Clayson placing a Samsung Galaxy S II into a bowl of water, then calling the device with his own mobile phone. The phone received the call and functioned perfectly while being submerged in inches of water.

It takes the mind a bit of time to process all the situations this kind of technology can help with, but the company has put together a great video to help you catch the vision. From the inevitable toddler dropping your phone into the toilet to larger uses in emergency water rescue, HzO waterblock has come onto the scene with a seeming myriad of applications.

When will it make it on your devices though? At this point HzO technology is mainly applied during the production of your gadgets so don’t expect a DIY kit anytime soon, but rather on the next generation of new devices.

HzO doesn’t plan to stop at applying the technology to just consumer electronics, but textiles, cars and more. Don’t be surprised if you hear more and more about this new amazing technology from CES 2012 and in the news. They’ve already won a CES Innovation Award as well as being featured on Good Morning America and various other media outlets. The hard part now will be people changing their perception of water.

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