A Manufacturing Solution That Delivers Better Liquid Protection for Electronics

Posted on October 3rd, 2014 by

After someone sees a live demo of HZO Protected electronics fully submerged in liquid and maintaining full functionality, it’s almost a given that the first question out of that person’s mouth is, “Can you do that to my phone?”

While HZO is on a mission to change where people use electronics by putting our protection on as many electronic devices and components as possible in industries from automotive, military and medical to wearables, smartphones and tablets, the simple, yet hard to swallow answer to that question is:

No. We don’t coat aftermarket devices and personal electronics. But wait, don’t stop reading! Let us tell you why.

You may be wondering why we don’t take an aftermarket device, pop it into a machine and have it come out an hour later claiming that it’s any more resistant to liquid than it was before. Simply put, it’s not how we work because we want to provide solutions that enable electronics to go anywhere. The HZO difference is in our ability to deliver a solution to manufacturers that allows any device or component to survive full submersion while preventing the growth of corrosion. In order to get that level of security, the technology has to be applied before a device ever hits the shelves. That’s where HZO comes in.

Why HZO Protection is Different 
While there are companies out there that encourage people to send in personal devices to be treated, the truth is that their process and technology simply cannot provide the level of protection that HZO does. Unlike aftermarket plasma coatings that are about 1,000 times thinner than our solution, and that get applied inconsistently to both the outside and inside of an assembled device, HZO works directly with device makers and manufacturers to protect directly at the PCB (printed circuit board) or component level.

The direct result of when and where HZO is introduced has a significant impact on a companies ability to protect accidental exposure all the way up to extended exposure and immersion. While the competition only targets low risk situations and some protection against accidents, HZO protects against the entire spectrum of risk that puts electronics at risk.

More than Consumer Devices
It’s worth noting up front that HZO solutions are for all electronics, and our engineers validate our technology on some of the world’s most complicated devices in industries ranging from military and medical to wearables and e-readers. While devices with screens make for the strongest visual demonstrations of HZO Protection, the company is focused on providing best in class solutions for everything from MEMS and flexible sensors to drones and GPS trackers.

Protection from the Inside Out
There are a lot of reasons why HZO solutions deliver what other companies cannot, and that advanced level of protection and customer satisfaction starts with a simple truth: we apply a durable and uniform layer of protection in the places where failures occur. That means it’s imperative to integrate our solution while devices are being assembled and/or designed so that our protective barrier can be applied to critical components that fail or corrode when exposed to wet environments, corrosive liquids or full submersion.

Applying our thin film material to meet the specific industry requirements of our partners demands active and consistent engagement from an experienced team in order to push the boundaries of what’s possible in chemistry, material science, engineering, masking and treatment during production in a high volume manufacturing environment. In the end, this is no simple feat, but the fact that HZO dedicates so much time and effort into innovation, process development and partner collaboration is a big part of why we are able to successfully protect electronics that other companies won’t even consider looking at.

Consequently, the team at HZO leaves nothing to chance, and our engineers get well acquainted with every electronic board, device or sensor that a partner sends us in order to build a product centric process for the application of our technology. Developing these processes requires expertise, ingenuity and grit in order to create detailed plans that add product value and differentiation for brands, are cost effective for product developers and manufacturers and that allow electronics to reap the maximum benefit of our protection.

Better Protection For End Users
When HZO Protection is applied has a significant impact on performance under rigorous testing conditions. Because of how and when it’s applied, the protection performs beyond the parameters of standard and highly referenced testing metrics like IPX7. The thickness and uniformity achieved during assembly is what allows HZO protected devices to survive full and extended submersion, it’s the difference between us and them, and it’s why we don’t take personal devices in-house to individual treatment.

So don’t be discouraged if you meet us at an event and wish we could give you what you really want–waterproof electronics that deliver safety, security and peace of mind. We want everyone to have the best technology available, and in order to provide that we have to do it this way. Even for our own devices.

The future is looking bright, and more and more companies are adopting HZO technology so that when products hit the shelves they already have an integrated and reliable liquid resistant feature. It’s the protection you want. The protection you deserve. Spread the word.

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