A Quick History of Parylene

HZO uses Parylene technology & chemistry to create a thin film coating material that is used as a barrier to protect electronics from a wide variety of environmental factors such as water, humidity and other corrosive liquids and agents.

So what is Parylene?

Very simply stated, after being applied using CVD, Parylene is a natural polymer. Parylene itself is the name for both the p-xylylene polymers that form to create the barrier film, and the vacuum deposition used to apply the material as a conformal coating. If you’re curious to learn what a conformal coating is then we have plenty of material on that as well.

While there have been ongoing advances made in Parylene chemistry, equipment and application over the past 40 years, there are a few landmark dates in the history of the material that need to be mentioned, plus a few benchmarks for HZO:

  • 1947: Michael Szwarc discovers the polymer that will ultimately become Parylene
  • 1947 – 1965: Capturing the attention of the academic and scientific communities, development and work on p-xylelene continues to advance, with keen interest from the growing plastics industry.
  • 1965: Union Carbide announces a new coating system, and Parylene becomes commercially available.
  • 1965 – Today: Parylene R&D continues and is utilized as a protective barrier, largely in industrial and medical markets
  • 2012: HZO enters the coatings market with it’s own commercialized material blend, processes and equipment.
  • 2015: HZO technology protects over 2.3 million electronic boards with customers ranging from LED makers and consumer electronics brands to automotive and

HZO has invested heavily in R&D and the development of intellectual property to ensure world-class delivery of its Parylene technology. With patented application processes and equipment that deposits the material faster and in larger volumes than other industry tools, HZO is helping make this reliable, hard-working, thin-film faster and more cost-effective.

In doing so, parylene has become a viable option for protecting electronics in markets that have not considered it before.

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