An HZO Co-Authored White Paper: Protecting Electronics With Silver Bearing Resistors From High Sulfur Environments

This fall our very own Michah Pledger collaborated with Dr. Barry Hindin of Battelle on a series of experiments to study the effects of tarnish on silver. HZO’s particular engineering interest was to understand the effects of tarnish related to silver-coated finishes on two parts widely used in electronics, switches and terminals in surface mounted resistors. Hindin and Pledger also included tests to show how new technologies like HZO are effective at preventing silver sulfidation attacks.

For their test coupons the team used both glass slides and circuit boards with surface mounted chip resistors. To provide a consistent environment for this study, a flower of sulfur test was selected. Additionally, the duo decided to vary the level of HZO coating from 4 and 12 microns to determine if varying degrees of thickness offered varying levels of protection to sulfidation.


Jumping to the end, thickness matters. The data clearly shows that the medium and high thickness proprietary HZO coating protected the silver substrates for at least 1,300 hours in the flowers of sulfur environment, even at elevated temperatures. The lower HZO thickness was too thin to prevent sulfide formation at elevated temperatures.

Want to learn more? Download the HZO White Paper: Silver Sulfidation Kinetics in Flower of Sulfur Environment

Thank you to Dr. Hindin and Battelle for inviting HZO to participate in this study.

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