Animal Trackers In My Soup: The World of Pet Wearables


As you may have heard, wearables are no longer just for humans. Yup, wearables have gone to the dogs…and many other pets and animals as well. Why you may ask? Well, for many of the same reasons that humans have adopted wearables: fitness tracking, biometrics and general technology augmentation of day-to-day life. Here are a few highlights of what products are available in these categories:



Does your dog obey the command “sit” a little too well? The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that in 2014, almost 53% of US dogs are overweight or obese. What’s to be done? Let’s get Rover running…and track the progress to see results. There are actually a lot of dog fitness trackers out there, but Whistle seems to have risen to the top of the doggie bowl. The small silver disc attaches to your dog’s leash to track wherever he goes (or doesn’t go) to measure activity, set custom goals and track his statistics wherever you are. Here’s the best part; no need to worry if Bruno suddenly takes a beeline for the ducks in the pond. HZO has recently begun working with Whistle to further waterproof their Activity Monitor. That’s right, we’re proud to help keep your doggy-a-paddlin’ while he strives to work off those extra biscuits. Good boy.


Don’t you hate it when you don’t have a good pulse on your cattle herd’s rumination cycles? Us too. The clever folks at Silent Herdsman have really taken advantage of a niche market of wearables for cows that help track eating, rumination and heat detection. The impressive device promises increased profits as the patterns of individual or herds of cows can be tracked and pre-clinical symptoms of health problems in cattle can be stopped in their tracks. Easy as (cow) pie.

Day to Day Technology Augmentation:

Just what does your face look like when your cat ignores you for 12 hours a day? Now you can see in (unfortunately low res) 680 x 480 pixel quality with the Eyenimal Petcam. This miniature wearable camera attaches to the collar of your dog, cat (or iguana…but we would recommend watching paint dry) to capture their perspective and view throughout the day. Fifi denying the toppled plant? Now you’ve got evidence that will hold up in pet court.

These are just some of of the great innovations in the world of pet and animal wearables. HZO is committed to continue protecting these tiny devices to make sure you can keep tabs on your furry friends, even while they are neck deep in the toilet water.

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