Apple Edition: Luxury or Lunacy?

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The first round of Apple Watch hysteria is starting to slow, and as the dust settles it looks like more than 2 Million of the Apple faithful got their requests in. Not too bad Tim, not too bad at all. Most of the orders however were for the less expensive, sportier version of the Watch according to a shopping research firm. Maybe the big spenders will show up fashionably late to the party? Even though the Watch Edition didn’t have the debut Apple may have hoped for, there is no denying that it has made its mark in luxury goods and high-end watch markets.

A few weeks ago at Baselworld, premium watchmaker Tag Heuer announced a partnership with Google and Intel. A partnership that seemed unrealistic and incompatible for so many years had finally come to fruition. David Singleton, Director of Engineering for Android Wear, said regarding the partnership, “By fusing beauty with technology, the Swiss watch has inspired generations of artists and engineers alike — including us at Google. So we’re thrilled to be working with TAG Heuer and Intel to bring a unique blend of emotion and innovation to the luxury market. Together, using the Android Wear platform, we can imagine a better, beautiful, smarter watch.” Other luxury watchmakers like Breitling and Montblanc have also made serious plans to enter the space.

“The market is quickly shifting toward higher-priced devices that offer greater functionality,” said Ryan Reith, program director with IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Device Trackers unit. “While Apple’s entry into the market is symbolic… Many users will need a good reason to replace a traditional watch…” Can the comically pricey Apple Watch Edition, or the lavish Tag/Google/Intel collaboration replace a luxury Swiss watch? Probably not, but only time will tell.

While the merger of Silicon Valley and Swiss watchmaking could quite possibly be a forecast of the things to come for smartwatches, there has already been a shift towards the luxurious in the wearables world. Tory Burch teamed up with Fitbit to make fitness a fashion statement, Swarovski joins Misfit to bedazzle the “Shine,” and Barneys NY hooks up with Intel to create the exclusionary “MICA.”

With the rise of luxury wearables,specifically smartwatches, there will undoubtedly need to be a rise in the quality of liquid protection. As it stands, there really isn’t a waterproof wearable on the market. Can you imagine spending $10-15K on a watch that can’t hack it in the shower? Or could fail if you’re caught in rain? Talk about a constant anxiety attack. A device toting a multi-thousand dollar price tag should at very least buy you some freedom don’t you think? (Or maybe if you have that much money you don’t care.)

That’s where HZO comes in. HZO’s innovative solution provides the freedom to go anywhere you want to go and do anything you want to do without worrying about what’s on your wrist. HZO’s nanotechnology is robust enough to protect any device from damage caused by water, corrosive liquids, sweat, dust and debris, all while remaining discrete enough to allow for complete design freedom that is absolutely crucial for fashion wearables.

So whether it is a $13 fitness tracker or a smartwatch priced for the elite few, there is only one liquid protection solution that can help create waterproof wearables with the freedom and functionality that we all want: HZO.

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