Apple iPhone 5 Rumors: A New iPhone Design Means New Accessories

iPhone 5 AccessoriesApple iPhone 5 Rumors: New iPhone Means New Accessories

We are exactly one week away from the rumored unveiling of the iPhone 5, the unofficial name for Apple’s sixth-generation smartphone. Many Apple fans are concerned about the compatibility of these new devices with their current accessories, given the number of reports saying the new iPhone 5 will feature a brand-new, smaller dock connector and taller form factor. In last week’s blog article, we covered some of the benefits a smaller dock connecter could provide the iPhone 5, though for most Apple fans this still doesn’t distract them from the fact that some of their favorite iPhone and Apple accessories could now become obsolete if they choose to upgrade to the new device. Rumors and even photos of potential new iPhone 5 accessories have already been leaked, so we thought it would be a great time to highlight some of the possible new gadgets and accessories that could be released from companies alongside the new rumored iPhone 5 this fall.

iPhone 5 Chargers

Up until this point, all Apple mobile devices, including the iPad and most models of the iPod, have used the same charging port and charging devices. Now, with the rumored release an iPhone 5 harboring a new, smaller dock connector, that could all change. Photos of new iPhone 5 wall and USB chargers, featuring a smaller-style dock connector, have started to surface all over the internet. Top accessory makers, such as Scosche, have had purported leaked images picturing a dual-device wall charger and dual-device car charger, both featuring what is predicted to be the new Apple dock connector. Other charger and cable rumors include the possibility of smart chips in each end of the iPhone 5’s accessory cables that verify if a device is licensed or not. If a charger or accessory is not licensed from Apple, the rumored cable could refuse to work.

iPhone 5 Docks

When talking about the possibility of a newly redesigned iPhone 5, one of the biggest accessory concerns is with docking systems, like the ones iHome makes. Most high-quality docking stations are expensive, with some units by Bose reaching upwards of $600, so the thought of having to buy a new one is more than enough to make some people dread the upgrade decision. Luckily, it’s rumored that it might be possible for Apple to produce an adaptor for existing accessories, allowing you to preserve your favorites.

iPhone 5 Waterproof Cases

Being that we are a company that is involved in the water protection industry, we can’t miss an opportunity to take a look at the world of accessories that help protect devices against water damage! The new iPhone 5’s dock redesign will likely help reduce some of the device’s problems with water damage by providing a smaller opening for water to enter into, but there are a lot of accessories available that help plug up those openings even more. Companies like Lifeproof help protect devices against water damage by sealing out water with rubber gaskets- and they do a pretty good job of it too. The have just released a new case for the iPad called the nüüd, which seals the iPad in, with the help of a series of plugs and rubber gaskets, but without the use of any kind of screen cover. Waterproof? Definitely not- they are still prone to leaks, cracks in the seals, and can’t withstand the effects of water indefinitely- but there accessories are still nice to have in case of an accident, and when applied properly, they seem to work pretty well. With all the success Lifeproof is seeing with their device cases, there is a pretty good chance you will see some redesigned models for the new iPhone 5 as well.

Only one more week until Apple will supposedly be announcing the release of the iPhone 5, believed to be announced at a press-conference on September 12. Which rumored features are you most excited about?

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