Apple Rumors: A Smaller iPhone 5 Dock Connector Could Help Prevent Some Water Damage

At the beginning of 2012, rumors began circulating that Apple was planning to get rid of their traditional 30-pin dock connector in favor of something much smaller. Even amid the rumored upcoming release of the next generation iPhone 5 as well as a rumored iPad Mini only weeks away, we still don’t have a firm answer as to whether or not this new dock connector will be an included update (even though most signs point to yes). Now, before you start getting too angry over the possibility of having to buy all new chargers, docks, and accessories for your new Apple devices, let’s highlight a few of the benefits associated with a possible smaller dock connecter on future Apple products:

Smaller Connector, More Space

Among the mass amounts of rumors we have read about pertaining to the new Apple iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, a few highlights include: 4G LTE capabilities, a longer lasting battery, and a bigger, brighter screen for the iPhone 5. Whether or not any of these features will actually make it on to the new iPhone 5 or iPad Mini remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain: all of these new features will require more space inside the device. This is where a smaller dock connecter becomes important. By decreasing the Apple dock connector size from the standard 30-pin to a smaller 19, 8, or 6-pin design (there have been rumors for all three sizes), precious space would be freed up inside the device for an improved design or hardware features. So go ahead, prepare to box up those old chargers, and remember: is replacing a charger that big of a deal if it means the next generation of Apple devices comes with 4G LTE connectivity?

Better Cables and Accessories for the iPhone 5

Another reason we can see Apple implementing a smaller dock connector is to better control what accessories could potentially be used with the new iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. New accessories could include the possibility of smart chips in each end of iPhone 5 and iPad Mini cables that verify if a device is licensed or not. If a charger or accessory is not licensed from Apple, the cable could refuse to work.

The Fight against iPhone 5 Water Damage

According to Robert Scoble, American blogger and author, a contact at Apple has stated that the new dock connector redesign could reduce the possibility of water damage in new Apple iPhone 5 and iPad Mini devices. It’s unclear how Apple will accomplish this, exactly, but judging by how quickly and easily water was able to enter into the old 30-pin charging port, it’s not hard to imagine that anything smaller could only reduce the speed and volume at which water enters a device.

This definitely couldn’t be called any sort of water damage or waterproof solution, as you still have the headphone jack and speaker holes. Any exposed holes will still let water into the device. Without Apple applying some sort of internal coating solution the device would be just as vulnerable as before; remember, it only takes one drop to cause damage. However, when comparing the sizes of the old 30- pin dock and the rumored new dock, the change sure couldn’t hurt the iPhone 5.

In just a few weeks we should be able to find out which rumors were true, which were false and which were just flat out ridiculous. Apple is rumored to be holding a press-conference on September 12, where it is said they will unveil the new iPhone 5, and possibly the speculated iPad Mini as well.

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