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We’ve written a lot about HZO technology and its ability to protect electronics from sweat and water: all still relevant, true and amazing. But, today, we thought we’d flank right and report some recent findings on how HZO stands up against another category of liquids — decontamination solutions, including bleach. If you find yourself quizzically staring at your screen, and even possibly scratching your head, buckle in and read on.

Hands down, HZO is the superior solution to protect electronics from water including full submersion. Yet the HZO team vigilantly works to test and expand the scope of possible applications and products that will benefit from HZO protection. One example is the S/K Challenge, a 3-day series of battlefield simulations bringing together government and industry to prove the viability of emerging technologies in the face of real-life chemical and biological attacks.

HZO’s objective in participating in the U.S. Army’s challenge was to prove that electronics protected with our proprietary technology continue to function, even after hostile contamination followed by aggressive decontamination. Here’s how it went:

  • Applied HZO thin-film technology to a batch of modular microcomputers;
  • Performed function checks prior to the kick off of the S/K Challenge;
  • Participated in 3 days of battlefield simulations including both chemical and biological attacks;
  • Decontaminated computers after each attack with one of four solutions from the least aggressive, vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP), to the most aggressive 3% high-test hypochlorite (HTH), and several in-between;
  • Followed decontamination with a full fresh water rinse;
  • Performed function tests following water rinse.

Drum roll……We’re more than a little proud to report that all of the HZO Protected microcomputers not only survived attacks, but each also passed its respective decontamination and water rinse with flying colors. Our R&D team is already brewing up its next series of tests. Do you have any ideas for us?


* A special thanks to the U.S. Army for inviting HZO to its Chemical and Biological Proving Ground at Dugway, Utah to participate in the S/K Challenge and these important simulations.

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