Atelier Haute Communication and HZO sign deal to provide cutting-edge water protection technology for luxury smart phones

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Atelier Haute Communication and HZO sign deal to provide cutting-edge water
protection technology for luxury smart phones
Soon, the expense and inconvenience of a handset destroyed by water damage will
be a thing of the past


PARIS and LAS VEGAS (January 8, 2013) – Atelier Haute Communication, a leading expert in tailor-made mobile phones, has teamed up with HZO, Inc., creator of a revolutionary nano-coating that offers water damage protection from the inside out for electronic devices. The partnership will enable Atelier to incorporate HZO in an exclusive model from its range of luxury smart phones – an ‘industry first’ in the global luxury smart phone market.

The first smart phone to feature HZO will be the TAG Heuer RACER Sub-Nano, a limited edition, Android-based model. The phone will be available April, 2013.

“Atelier Haute Communication is a world-class manufacturer known globally for its quality and exquisite craftsmanship,” said Paul Clayson, president and chief executive officer of HZO. “This partnership demonstrates the level of confidence toptier manufacturers and brands like Atelier and TAG Heuer have in our technology, and the scalability of HZO processes. It also provides peace of mind for consumers making a sizable investment in the TAG Heuer phone, knowing that the handset incorporates superior HZO technology to protect their investment.”

“Our customers want phones that are not only functional but confer a sense of luxury and exclusivity,” said Mr. Stéphane Bohbot, chief executive officer, Atelier Haute Communication. “Accidentally damaging your phone by exposing it to water is a headache for anybody, but particularly for our customers, who are likely to have invested more time and money in choosing and buying their handset than the average mobile phone user. HZO’s revolutionary technology is the perfect complement to the high-level of craftsmanship already found in our products, and I believe it will prove very popular with customers.”

HZO works by creating a strong nano-barrier between the internal circuitry of a device and water without any additional bulk, weight, or changes to the phone’s aesthetics. The nano-barrier is a transparent, thin film applied only to the internal electronics allowing the phone to survive complete submersion. In tests, it has proven to protect a device even when submerged to a depth of one metre for significant durations. Over 50 different smart phone models with HZO technology have been tested to date.

“The beauty of HZO is that, unless the phone is accidentally splashed or dropped into a drink, nobody will know the protective coating is there,” said Mr. Bohbot. “This is particularly important for us, since our customers attach high importance to the look and feel of their handsets, which often feature designs from the world’s top fashion houses.”

The scale of the problem of water damage to electronic devices is significant. Research from earlier this year suggested that 82.5 million handsets have been destroyed by water or moisture in the US alone1. With over 1.2 billion smart phones projected to be on the market by 2016 – a 250 percent increase on 2011 figures – the problem of water damage will continue to grow unless protective technology is adopted by manufacturers.

About Atelier Haute Communication

Atelier Haute Communication, a subsidiary of Innov8 group, is headquartered in
Paris France. As the leading expert in tailor-made luxury mobile phones, the
company has collaborated with global luxury brands like TAG Heuer, Christian Dior
and Versace, creating uniquely inspired mobile phones that capture the true essence
of each brand with unsurpassed luxury and state-of-the-art craftsmanship.

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