Auto Electronics to Grow 8% – What this Means for HZO

Posted on February 26th, 2018 by

If you haven’t noticed, the automobile industry is going through significant changes as transportation as we know it continues to evolve. Electric cars, autonomous driving and smart(er) cars are continuing to improve and become more mainstream. Hey, there is even a car in space now :).

Why does HZO, a company that waterproofs electronics, care about an evolving automotive industry? Because, as we like to say, a circuit board is a circuit board and they all needs to be protected, especially those in cars exposed to water, snow, salt and more.

Speaking of circuit boards, according to Global Market Insights, auto electronics are projected to grow 8% by 2024. “Shifting consumer preference towards vehicles with safety equipment, including map-supported front lighting, collisions warning and speed alert will drive automotive electronics demand,” says the industry magazine Printed Circuits Design & FAB / Circuits Assembly. HZO sees this growth and is already working with automotive brands and manufacturers to protect this next generation of electronics rich transportation.

The demand for next generation waterproofing isn’t just found in the consumer electronics market. As the circuitry and sensors in these upcoming vehicles become smaller and more sophisticated, a requirement for micron thin PCB coatings like Parylene will replace traditional automotive conformal coatings for many components. HZO is ready to see how we can help protect your next automotive project. Reach out today.

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