The Big News and New Technology at Mobile World Congress 2013

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The Big News and New Technology at Mobile World Congress 2013

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is one of the biggest technology events of the year, setting the stage for major companies around the world to announce their latest innovations in smartphones, tablets, and phablets for the upcoming year. MWC 2013 kicked off on Monday, February 25 th, so check out some of the technology highlights so far:

The Asus Padfone Infinity

Asus is further blurring the lines between phone and tablet with an all-new, phone-tablet hybrid. With a thin body design and a crisp 5-inch display, this device functions like a small tablet but can still place phone calls and send text messages. The phone will run Android 4.2 and can slip into a 10-inch tablet shell to transform into a full-sized tablet – making it even more of an innovative hybrid device. Asus has announced that the transforming phone/tablet will not be coming to the U.S., but will be available in countries like the U.K. soon.

MWC 2013

Asus Padfone Infinity

Waterproof Phones, Tablets, and Bags

Waterproofing for electronic devices continues to be a popular trend at MWC 2013, with a number of companies announcing the “next big thing” in waterproof innovation. Companies like LokSak are showcasing waterproof bags for devices like the iPad Mini, while other companies, like Sony, Fujitsu, and Kyocera are announcing tablets and smartphones mechanically sealed against the ingress of water. Although these devices are touted as being waterproof, make sure you don’t leave any of the plugs open on the headphone jack or charging ports – these devices still aren’t safe from water damage on the inside.

MWC 2013

LokSak on the iPad Mini

Nokia Phones Galore

Nokia unveiled four new phones at its press conference at Mobile World Congress 2013. Among that group are two additions to the Lumia family – the Lumia 520 and Lumia 720. The Lumia 520 is an entry-level, Windows 8 device, while the Lumia 720 is a slightly higher end model. The other two models announced were the Nokia 105 and Nokia 301. Both phones are aimed at lower-level markets.

MWC 2013

Nokia’s New Mobile Devices

MWC continues throughout the week, so stay tuned for more big announcements and technology news from all the technology giants. What new innovative devices at Mobile World Congress have caught your attention so far?

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