Brightstar and HZO Partner to Bring Waterproofing Technology to the Mobile Device Ecosystem

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HzO WaterBlockBrightstar and HZO Partner to Bring Waterproofing Technology to the Mobile Device Ecosystem

Revolutionizing Where Consumers Use Electronics

Brightstar Corp., the world’s largest specialized wireless distributor, and HZO, Inc., creator of  a revolutionary nanocoating that offers water damage protection for electronic devices, have announced a partnership agreement at the 2013 Mobile World Congress to market HZO technology to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and repair & refurbishment processors worldwide.

“HZO sets a new standard of water protection available to manufacturers of mobile devices,” said Daniel Ghelman, Vice President of Global Business Development for Brightstar. “This partnership gives us the opportunity to deliver HZO’s cutting edge technology across the mobile device ecosystem, to help eliminate the plague of water damage resulting from drips, splashes and prolonged submersion.”

With a local presence on six continents and operations in 50 countries and territories, Brightstar offers customized solutions to manage every critical step in the mobile device lifecycle. Through the partnership, Brightstar will enable its device manufacturers and device repair and refurbishing customers and partners to integrate HZO technology directly into new devices. This eliminates the extra cost and hassle of secondary forms of water protection and provides a solution that can be supported by manufacturer warranties.

“Our relationship with industry giant Brightstar brings HZO to the global stage and ultimately to the end consumer,” said Rick Peterson, Vice President of Business Development for HZO. “Aligning with one of the fastest growing global wireless companies expedites delivery of our technology to consumers who are eager to have the freedom to use their devices near water and in the rain without the worry of catastrophic failure.”

HZO technology creates a thin, impenetrable layer of protection that guards electronics not only against drips to splashes, but from full submersion as well. Through a proprietary vapor deposition process, the protective nanocoating is applied in a vacuum chamber and works from the inside out to shield even the most intricate parts of electronic devices. It forms a seamless barrier that is invisible to the naked eye and is 100 times the thickness of traditional plasma coatings.

“HZO offers an unprecedented level of protection without changing the look and feel of the device, which leads to a high level of customer satisfaction,” Peterson said. “Customers are not the only ones who will be pleased; OEMs, operators and retailers will be able to offer superior devices with the security that comes with WaterBlock technology already inside.“

About Brightstar

Brightstar is the world’s largest specialized wireless distributor, and a leading global services company, serving mobile device manufacturers, wireless operators, and retailers, with a local presence on six continents. Brightstar’s industry-leading services include value-added distribution, supply chain solutions, handset protection and insurance, buy-back and trade-in solutions, multi-channel retail solutions, and financial services. The company is ranked #58 on the Forbes 2012 List of America’s Largest Private Companies. Brightstar is also the largest Hispanic-owned business in the United States. For more information, please visit https://www.brightstarcorp.com.

For more information on HZO’s revolutionary technology, please visit their website at www.HZO.com.

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