CES 2015 Hangover

Sin City bound...

The soda syrup is cleaned off our shoes, the glitter is out of our hair and our water soaked fingers are no longer pruny.

Yep, you guessed it, CES 2015 is in the books and we’re home.

How do you summarize four days in a confined space with deafening noise, retina burning visuals and enough square footage to make anyone a Biggest Loser? In one word: awesome.

CES 2015 was the fourth CES of the company. In fact, HZO debuted its technology at CES 2012 and has been back ever since.

Gluttons for punishment? Maybe. These shows are insanely exhausting. From the long SUV drive down to Sin City, talking to hundreds, if not thousands of people about our amazing technology, to carting water soaked 40″ televisions out of our booth after everyone else had gone home, the show never lets up.

It’s worth every minute though. The wonder in people’s eyes when they see an iPhone 6 or 40″ Sony television submerged completely in water never gets old. In addition, HZO was able to have many great meetings with companies and manufacturers to continue the progress of making many more devices in 2015 and beyond HZO Protected.

Amidst the sea of phone chargers, audio cables, and curved televisions, HZO was able to stand out as game changing technology of the future, bringing us closer to an HZO Protected World.

We thought writer Mike Chan put it best, “The HZO technology isn’t an exciting, hands-on gadget, but it may be the most impressive thing I saw on the show floor this week.”

See you next year CES.

(View the CES 2015 slideshow below)

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