Death by Water Damage: Microsoft Surface and More Put to the Test

Your smartphone goes with you everywhere- but what about your tablet? With tablets now coming in a wide range of more portable sizes, the next generation of tablets is expected to be more lightweight, more scratch-resistant, and more likely to stand up to the dangers of watching a movie in the bathtub than ever before. A few weeks back we highlighted some gut-wrenching torture test videos featuring a few unlucky iPhone 5’s, Galaxy S 3’s, and Nokia Lumia 900’s. This week we are back with more torture testing- this time, putting some of the top tablets on the market to the test. So sit back, relax, and enjoy watching a few perfectly good devices get baked in the oven, sprayed with a hose, and used as transportation. Fun!

Wine and Dine with the Microsoft Surface Tablet

CNET is well known for the extensive series of torture tests they put devices through, and the Microsoft Surface is not spared any of their torment. The Surface in question is frozen, baked, skateboarded on, and doused in wine to determine if it can stand up against water damage. The Surface didn’t survive the battery of tests, but which one finally did it in? Here’s a hint: The Microsoft Surface definitely can’t hold its liquor…

The Original Kindle Goes Poolside

CNET tests the original Kindle, a portable e-ink display device that holds up well under both extreme heat and extreme cold, but ultimately fails when it came to a day at the pool. It seems those commercials showing e-readers being used at the beach, or next to the pool, or in the bathtub should come with a big “Water Damage Ahead” disclaimer…

The Nexus 7 Gets Sudsy

CNET puts the $199 Nexus 7 tablet to the test, breaking their first device right away during drop testing. They then grab a second device to bake, freeze, and drown in the bathtub. How do you think the Nexus 7 held up against water damage during bath time? Take a look!

The Water Damage Verdict

A lot of devices are built to withstand normal drops and extreme temperatures, but water damage is still an issue plaguing most tablet and smartphone manufacturers today. On top of that, devices that are manufactured to be “waterproof” or “water resistant” are often much bulkier and less focused on implementing top-of-the-line software and features than their non-waterproof counterparts. Protecting devices from water shouldn’t mean sacrificing design, size, or device functionality. Here at HZO, we are working directly with device manufactures in a number of different markets to implement our revolutionary technology into the manufacturing process.

There are two big reasons why we think it’s important to integrate HZO directly into the manufacturing process:

  1. By integrating HZO technology directly into new devices it eliminates the extra costs and hassle of secondary forms of water protection that may fail you in the end anyways. You don’t have to ship your phone to have it protected or buy a bulky, awkward case if the technology is already built in.
  2. With HZO integrated into the new devices coming directly from the manufacturers, HZO is able to work directly with their production teams to ensure that the process is customized for the best possible protection results.

HZO technology is capable of protecting devices from more than just water. Just take a look at this cool video we made for the 2013 CES Exhibitor Video Contest! Orange juice, coffee, soda, and sports drinks are no problem for our revolutionary nano-coating. Check out our different conformal coatings to understand more about the process.

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