Did we mention we still have a TV running under water?

Posted on May 4th, 2015 by

After the lights go out, the flyers are swept up and the smell of churros slowly wafts away, what happens to an HZO demo after a successful trade show?

Whether it be our HZO Protected iPhones, Raspberry Pis, waterproof eReaders or 40” televisions, attendees will often ask, “how long will the coating last?” They seem to assume that the technology protecting the electronics from water is quickly degrading before their eyes, rendering a short shelf life for the demo. It’s a scary thought really; imagine having to throw away a $649 iPhone 6 every evening along with the flyer you grabbed from a selfie stick vendor on your way out of the convention.

No, HZO demos, like the products we protect for our customers, are here to stay for a long, long time. How? HZO Protection is a thin film coating that is micrometers thin, but robust enough to keep water and other corrosive liquids and elements away from the electronics it is protecting. The coating does not degrade when exposed to the liquids and particles mentioned, but stays as strong as the day it was applied.

Our marquis demo of 2015 that highlights the power of HZO technology are the waterproof TV’s we’ve been showing off, including the few we sent to Mobile World Congress this March. The souped up Sony TV spent hours over the course of two days in the water at our booth in Barcelona, and at the end of the event it was dried out, promptly packaged and shipped back to our Utah headquarters where it is now on display in our customer meeting room.

In fact, this unusual and mind bending demo has performed so well that HZO recently built an elaborate water tank for display in our facilities that fills and drains automatically. Fully equipped with lighting and bubbles, it is now the permanent residence of our waterproof TV, and a testament that HZO solutions perform at a higher level than other technologies.

So are we confident in HZO Protected devices, whether those we protect for a partner or coat for demonstration purposes? You better believe it. We have in our possession a waterproof TV that has been around the world, spent many hours running underwater and now has a permanent home where we entertain existing customers, new business, board members and others. One more step closer to an HZO Protected World.

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