Eggnog to Ellipticals: Fitness Gadgets for 2015

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December is here! And with that comes the excitement, anticipation and inevitable overindulgence of amazing foods and desserts. Tis the season to stuff our faces with all sorts of fatty, delightful foods right? Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? No need to end the year in moderation, we can always pick up our diets and fitness regimen on January 1st. We love to justify all the eggnog, cakes and cookies with lofty goals and high aspirations for the New Year. Hey, that’s what makes the Christmas season so amazing! So instead of trying to change our Christmas dieting habits (it’s probably impossible anyway), lets pour another glass of eggnog and talk about some new gadgets that will help us geek out our workouts and work off the well-earned holiday pounds this New Year.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS – 50








Everybody fears that first, tentative new year step onto the scales after an over-indulgent festive season. But we have to start somewhere right? This sleekly designed piece is much more than your typical bathroom scale. Acting as a whole body analyzer, each time you step on the scale your weight, body fat, heart rate and BMI are traced and sent to your personalized app – there you can set and monitor much more than just your weight.

RunPhones Intensity









How bout a headband with built in speakers and a personal motivator? As you work out, a training instructor gives your motivational tips, upbeat music plays to pump you up, and slower music plays to help during your cool down. The headband also tracks your movements using a built-in accelerometer. Not too shabby for headband.

Goji Play









From the inventors of the multi-billion dollar video game “Guitar Hero” comes a new way to work out with Goji Play. According the company, Goji Play makes a 30 minute workout feel like 5. The device includes a small sensor that clips to your clothes and a wireless game controller that clips to a workout machine. The idea is to make fitness a game. Goji play offers several games that involve boxing, racing, among others with an animated character. As you progress the game tracks your calories, movements and speed. The harder your work out the higher your scores are.

TAO-Wellness WellShell









The WellShell is certainly one of the more peculiar workout devices you’ll find, but the 5 ounce device is something that you take anywhere and everywhere. The basic workout involves pushing on the device with your hands, knees or thighs for a set period of time. This is known as an isometric (or pressure based) workout. The WellShell measures the force and tracks your reps. When you are done working out, the device becomes an activity tracker for steps, calories burned, total activity time, sleeping and heart rate.

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