Electronic Product Design and Development Must-Read List of Resources

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In a fast-paced engineering or technical job, keeping up with the latest electronic product design and development trends, data, resources, and standards can be difficult, but it is still a worthy endeavor. Reviewing this list of resources can help you identify which organizations to follow so that you can produce better products and offer more value to your business.



IPC logo

IPC is a global association that produces standards related to design, PCB manufacturing, and electronic assembly, enabling more reliable, high-quality electronic products.

In addition to standards and certification, the international industry association provides innovative solutions, education and training, advocacy, thought leadership, and industry intelligence. An IPC standard is associated with virtually every step of PCB production, design, and assembly processes.

Why IPC Matters:

IPC standards can help you reduce costs, increase competitiveness, streamline communications, ensure quality products, and improve credibility.



SMTA logo

SMTA (Surface Mount Technology Association) is an international network of Electronic Manufacturing (including emerging technologies, microsystems, and related business operations) professionals. They share experience and develop solutions and build skills collaboratively.

The SMTA website has an abundance of resources, including technical knowledge, networking opportunities, notable events, a knowledge base, and the opportunity to take online education courses. It is possible to join a local SMTA chapter, which brings technical networking events close to your location.

Why SMTA Matters:

In addition to powerful networking opportunities, SMTA offers a certification program that recognizes and certifies the entire SMT assembly process at the engineering level. Obtaining this certification can be a way to increase marketing value for your business, enhance your professional stature in the industry, and demonstrate proof of your expertise.


ASM Materials Education Foundation

ASM logo

ASM is an international network of peers that gathers, processes, and distributes trustworthy materials information. The organization disperses this information through research and data, international events, reference content, and education courses to help the community improve outcomes and solve problems.

Joining ASM International allows members to network at industry conferences, ASM chapter meetings, and communities. A member directory allows participants to access experts and colleagues in their fields, and members can access reference materials, online journals, and forums for networking and discussion.

Why ASM International Matters:

If you are a member of the materials community, ASM International provides resources and networking opportunities that ordinarily might be hard to find. In addition, up-to-date data can help you inform your strategies and selections.


SAE International

SAE logo

SAE International is a network of engineers and technical experts within the automotive, aerospace, and commercial-vehicle industries. The organization aims to advance mobility solutions and knowledge by connecting and educating relevant professionals.

SAE allows members to access the most up-to-date technical insights and high-quality technical resources and provides them with the opportunity to network and receive discounts on relevant publications and professional development opportunities.

Why SAE International Matters:

SAE International Standards include almost 10,000 documents that inform and guide mobility engineering worldwide. These technical standards are helpful for those in the mobility industries who seek to improve the quality and performance of their products.




JEDEC is an international leader in developing open standards for the microelectronics industry. JEDEC standards help companies save money and time. Participating in developing these standards provides members insight into the industry’s roadmap, regulatory directions, business relationships with customers and competitors, culminating in a competitive advantage for businesses.

JEDEC standards inform best practices that span the breadth of the electronics industry, from quality and reliability to test methods, packaging, and components. These standards benefit all industry standards, from OEMs to end consumers.

Why JEDEC Matters:

Accredited by ANSI, JDEC standards enable innovation and commoditize components by lowering prices while maintaining reliability and quality. If you are in the microelectronics industry and want to increase the value of your product and your professional value, JEDEC is a good resource.




ASQ is a global society with members from more than 130 countries. Member-led communities foster networking, education, and the capacity to gain influence as thought leaders. ASQ provides the tools and resources required to meet expectations through quality.

Members receive ASQ support to improve quality within their organizations, products, services, and industries by providing a library of educational quality resources. These include a regularly published magazine, an online video series, and international conferences.

Why ASQ Matters:

If you are seeking to deliver value to your organization and customers through improving quality procedures, ASQ provides professional training, knowledge, and certifications you will need to attain this goal.


Wrapping Up

As an engineer or technical decision-maker, you know more than anyone that knowledge is power. This list is a good starting point for making more informed decisions. For even more relevant information that can help you on the job, check out our list of essential news publications to stay on top of trends.

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