Must Have Electronics for Fall: HZO’s Favorite Gadgets

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It’s about that time of year again: when the weather turns crisp and we find ourselves making excuses to stockpile our favorite gadgets in the shopping cart. Whether headed back to the linoleum-laid floors of a university, spending quite time at home without the kids, or pursuing a fall adventure HZO has six products we think will make the cool days of fall a little cooler.  


OM Levitating SpeakerOM/One Levitating Speaker 

OM/One, the world’s first levitating, portable blue tooth speaker, is out this December and we can’t wait to get our hands on one, if just for the cool factor alone. It can be synced with your phone and other devices to stream music, take phone calls, and be paired with a second Om/One to create a stereo system effect. One USB charge gives you a 15 hour battery life. And while we prefer the sleek and simple black version, it’s also available in white and disco ball. With its constant mid-air rotation, we’re envisioning a lot of 80’s dance parties. $179


Little Printer 
Little Printer

Their tagline, “Faster than a postcard, more fun than a text” is exactly why the Little Printer made it to our short list of must-haves. An, ‘in the moment’ photograph of your latest adventure, cool find, or personal message can be sent from anywhere in the world and printed within seconds. It also has a subscription feature, allowing you to print the highlights from your favorite newspapers and social feeds, or crosswords and coloring pages from over 160 subscription sources.  $199


Garmin S6

Garmin Approach S6 Watch 

The marketing team here at HZO has taken to spending one early morning on the green each month. So naturally, the Garmin Approach caught our interest. Taking golf watches to the next level, the S6 boasts a color touchscreen and over 38,000 international full course maps showing distance to each hole, and all the traps and hazards in between. Including their normally elite version of swing metrics, Garmin’s latest watch helps you perfect your swing with SwingTempo, TempoTraining and SwingStrength™. One feature we are excited about is the Bluetooth connection to your devices so you can view your emails, texts, and notifications without the hassle of digging your phone out of your bag. $399


Polaroid Socialmatic

Polaroid Socialmatic 

A throwback to the original Polaroid, this Instagram inspired camera prints up to ten 2×3 inch photos at a time with its built-in Zink printer. Connected with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can instantly upload to any social network, and create and find new Socialmatic followers since each image has a trackable QR code. The touchscreen feature allows users to add instant filters, text, icons and clipart. Slated for a fall 2014 release, we think we’ll love this camera as much as the original. $299.


Nike Fuelband and HZONike Fuelband

Wearable technology is a hot topic. With so many fitness bands on the market, it can be hard to decide which one really is the best fit. This band gauges results from fuel points, calculated by the motion and level of activity you reach throughout the day. We like the competitive focus the band has through goal setting and the ability to ‘win’ hours by increasing your time spent maximizing movement each hour. Our favorite feature though? The superior water resistant protection the device has (really, we know for a fact the stuff works), making the Fuelband a better fit for anyone wanting to really put their fitness goals to the test.  $99


Dark Energy Reservoir 
Dark Energy

At HZO we’re on the move more than ever, which is why the final item on our list of fall must-haves is the Reservoir, an on-the-go charger capable of charging two devices at once. With the ability to re-juice your smart phone five times over, it saves you the hassle of finding a plug at the airport, or an adapter on your international trips. We’re advocates for device freedom, and the Reservoir provides exactly that.




At HZO we’re always on the look out for innovative devices and companies that are looking to integrate competitive solutions into their products in order to gain an edge over the competition. Would we like to work with all these companies to provide superior water protection to their products? Absolutely.

But even we are lovers of great devices, even those not protected by HZO technology, and each of these products adds a little something extra to our gadget stash, whether its functional, practical, social, or simply new and interesting. To that we say keep the innovation coming.

What’s on your must-have list this fall?

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