From Dust to Drips to Drench, HZO has you Covered

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A recent piece of market research regarding smartphone features and use showed that 67% of respondents had experienced some sort of device failure. Of those failures, 61% were due to water, 19% were caused by other liquids (milk, juice, soda etc.), and 10% were damaged or failed after exposure to dirt, dust or sand.

So why is this distinction between types of failures important? A failure is a failure right? Well, not really. Knowing exactly what substances and environments can cause a device to fail are key pieces of information used in product and device development, and even more important when evaluating potential protection solutions.

When it comes to protecting electronics, all solutions aren’t created equal. Plasma coatings can be used to protect against accidental drips or spills, but are limited in repeat or extended exposure protection. Other options such as mechanical seals may handle controlled submersion, but if the seal is breached or damaged, exposure to any foreign substance will cause failure. In other words, determining the performance requirements for products before design and manufacturing is extremely important.

HZO realizes that every device is different. Not only do the components of each device vary greatly, but so do the environments they may be exposed to. Other protection options may be able to offer partial solutions for some of them, but HZO is the only solution that offers the full spectrum of water and corrosion protection. HZO’s talented engineers work vigorously to develop different and unique protection options that can be incorporated into any device design.


The beauty of HZO technology is that it can be completely customized to fit customer needs and product requirements. Pre and post masking techniques and material thickness can be customized to accommodate specific PCB designs, and further tailored to meet the desired functionality specifications of the customer. And our advances in automation make these processes more streamlined and efficient for our partners.

Do you have a smartphone that needs to be protected against accidental drips and spills? HZO has a solution for that. How about a large outdoor LED display that will be exposed to severe temperatures? HZO has a solution for that too. Or a wearable designed for use in the ocean? Don’t worry HZO has you covered.

HZO isn’t a job shop, or a cookie cutter protection solution. We offer unique solutions for a wide range of industries, products and applications. Contact us today to find out what protection solution is right for you.

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