From European Bathtubs to Beaches: Tolino Vision 2 with HZO Protection

Posted on October 9th, 2014 by

It’s another banner day here at HZO. Yesterday afternoon at the Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurter Buchmesse) in Germany, Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of T-Mobile, announced the introduction of its newest generation eReader, the Tolino Vision 2, making this HZO’s first commercial venture in Europe.

HZO Protected Tolino eReader

We are thrilled that a telecommunications giant like Deutsche Telekom chose to adopt HZO technology, adding a whole new level of consumer benefit to its wildly popular Tolino Vision eReader. The Tolino eReaders have been gaining market share across Germany and other countries within Deutsche Telekom’s trading area since third quarter 2013.

The prior generation of Tolino Vision was usable both indoors and out because of its eInk technology, but now with the addition of HZO Protection™, the Tolino Vision 2 can go from the bathtub to the beach without fear of damage resulting from humidity, water or corrosion. HZO Protection also guards electronics and eReaders like the Tolino Vision 2 from dust and small debris particles. HZO believes in giving consumers the flexibility to take their devices with them wherever they choose to go, garnering a whole new level of integration and usability into people’s lives.

Unlike other electronic devices that claim waterproofing, when a device is HZO Protected, the consumer is not required to securely close or fasten port doors or headphone jacks. That existing mechanical seal technology can fail if any port or door is left open, even a skosh, and that seems downright consumer unfriendly.

The HZO Protected Tolino Vision 2 will be available for purchase at tolino.de and at German booksellers across Germany, Austria and Switzerland; with the potential to reach a total population of 100 million people. Sorry America. But come back and read the HZO blog often. We have lots of projects in the pipeline.

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