Goal Zero, HZO Protect Portable Solar Power Products from Water

DRAPER, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HZO, Inc., the leader in next-generation liquid and corrosion protection solutions for electronics, is working with Goal Zero to add its proprietary WaterBlock™ technology to Goal Zero’s portable power systems. The partnership potentially extends the life of Goal Zero products as HZO’s technology provides industry-leading device protection from a range of elements, including water and other corrosive liquids, and even withstanding extended submersion.

Goal Zero was founded on the premise of providing consumers with power supply products that can be used in unconventional locations. Whether on the river, at the ocean, in floods, in heavy rain, or in emergency situations at home, Goal Zero aims to make supplying power as reliable as possible. HZO’s proprietary technology expands where these products can be used, while significantly reducing the risk of corrosion and failure.

Norm Krantz, vice president of product innovation at Goal Zero stated, “Goal Zero’s customers depend on our products to provide power to mission critical devices in all sorts of adverse conditions. With WaterBlock on our power products, our customers can be assured that their Goal Zero products will produce power even after getting submersed in water. Now our customers can be powered almost anywhere.”

“Given where Goal Zero’s products are used, this relationship is a perfect fit for HzO,” says Sergio Leveratto, chief sales and marketing officer at HZO. “Not only will Goal Zero’s customers benefit from our superior liquid protection technology, but the extreme use cases will clearly show why customers rely on HZO to enable products that work anywhere.”

About Goal Zero

Goal Zero is the industry leader for renewable and reliable solar power. Born out of the desire to empower people everywhere, Goal Zero’s products are designed to give consumers the freedom to go anywhere, regardless of battery life. From cellphones to refrigerators, and everything in between, Goal Zero products keep you connected and powered up in any situation. For more information, visit www.goalzero.com.

About HzO, Inc.

HZO is changing where people use electronics. As the total solutions leader in submersible thin-film protective technology for any kind of electronic assembly, device or component, the company’s end-to-end solution has already scaled to high volume applications that produce millions of protected devices annually. HZO has set the world standard in full submersion protection against all kinds of liquids and corrosives. Winner of the 2012 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award, the 2013 Stevie Award for Best New Product, and Best Technology and Best in Show Awards at Wearable Tech Expo in 2013, HZO has been named one of the Top Ten Emerging Nano-Companies in the U.S. in each of the past two years. Visit hzo.com for more information.




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