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“Go green.” It’s the slogan you see with everywhere. From restaurants, to clothing companies, to cellphone and electronic device manufacturers, everybody wants to “go green.” So what exactly does “go green” mean? According to the Go Green Initiative, going green is about creating a “culture of conservation” and striving to “conserve and protect natural resources for future generations, and to protect human health through environmental stewardship.” With such a noble endeavor driving them, it’s no surprise that companies have jumped on board with the idea as we did long ago with our technology.

AT&T is just one of the many companies launching new green initiatives, and has decided to unveil a new eco-rating system in all of their stores that will help customers to compare cell phones based on their environmental impact. “AT&T’s eco-ratings give consumers product information they want,” said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president of Devices at AT&T Mobility. “Consumers want the best and fastest devices while being able to make an empowered choice about environmental impacts of the device. Our eco-ratings accomplish just that.”

Sprint has also decided to join in the green fun, creating devices that are manufactured to be eco-friendly and labeling phones considered to be environmentally friendly with their own Sprint Eco-logo. The image with “From Sprint” at the bottom is used on the packaging of qualifying Sprint devices and clarifies to consumers that the logo is associated with Sprint’s certification, and not a 3rd party’s. The second version, with “Meets Sprint eco-criteria,” is used for all other purposes describing this effort, for example in stores, or product briefs, or brochures describing their Eco-Criteria and qualifying devices.

Why Does Going Green Matter?

It’s great that all of these companies are “going green,” but the question is: Why does it matter? For starters, in 2010 the U.S. got rid of 2.4 million tons of e‐waste, with the worldwide total pushing 50 million tons of e-waste that same year. That is a lot of trash. With most electronic devices containing parts that aren’t biodegradable or environmentally friendly, such a high level of waste is damaging to the earth. Many companies are encouraging consumers to recycle their old electronic devices, but unfortunately only 10-40 percent (depending on the type of device) of consumers actually seize the opportunity to recycle their electronics.

HZO Is Going Green!

Here at HZO, we are completely committed to maintaining a healthy environment, and to contributing to the cause in two ways – by using green materials and by extending the overall life of electronic devices. Our HZO technology is comprised of non-toxic, organic materials that are safe for both humans and the environment. Our formula is so safe that it is approved for use on medical devices implanted inside of the human body. HZO also supports green technology by extending the life of electronic devices. As it stands, the lifespan on the average cell phone is about 18 months. This doesn’t even take into account those phones that are exchanged early due to damage from drops or water- the top two causes of device damage. HZO helps devices fend off water damage, and could potentially decrease the number of devices ending up in landfills every year by extending that average device lifespan.

So the next time you go to buy a new gadget, or toss an old electronic device in the garbage, remember to “think green” and consider your options!

For more information on our amazing HZO technology, please visit our website at www.hzo.com!

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