Hot Off The Press: Consumers Impressions of Water Resistant Tablets

HZO works directly with business-to-business brands and manufacturers across a series of industries. One of our key business units focuses all of its waking hours, and likely some of its dreamtime, on the consumer electronics industry and the evolving devices it continues to turn out at dizzying rates.

Although HZO’s primary customers are other businesses, and we don’t offer water protection for electronics directly to consumers, we do work to stay connected to consumer trends and sentiment regarding our technology. HZO recently fielded a piece of marketing research to better understand how consumers view and value HZO’s technology, specifically for electronic tablets.

Think about it. Tablets have been the must-have consumer electronic for several years running. You jump on a plane and your seatmate is watching Game of Thrones on her tablet. You head out on a hike, and your boyfriend is toting his tablet in his daypack, just in case a map is required. You decide to try a new complicated recipe for your family on Sunday, accessing the step-by-step preparation, on what else, the tablet. Even for the most careful among us, tablets face daily peril from water, other liquids, dust, and small particles.

So, we were delighted with the data and insights from our recent consumer study and thought we’d share a few nuggets that we learned from the nearly 600 U.S. tablet owners who participated in the survey:

  • 30% of tablet owners already have damaged a tablet, with the main culprit being water damage.
  • Three-quarters of respondents want HZO Protection on their next tablet, and nearly all respondents (87%) want our technology included on the next tablet they purchase for their children. Hmmmm, does this suggest that some kids conduct their own science experiments, “accidentally” dropping their tablets in water or other liquids? We’re all for science, but that’s an expensive experiment with the average price of a tablet hovering near $300.
  • Tablets that included HZO Protection would be used for all kinds of new activities including in the bathtub, at a meal near drinks, simply sitting by a creek on a warm summer day, and even at construction sites.
  • Tying with longer battery life and extra durable glass, device users rate HZO Protection as the most desired feature for their tablets among a series of emerging technologies that electronics brands may be evaluating.

Lastly, we wanted to know how consumers protect their tablets today. We’re biased, and we admit that upfront. But when tablet respondents stated that the current way they protect their tablets are “in a cheap rubbery case” and “in a faux leather case” and “sometimes with a plastic baggie”, our gag reflex kicked in.

What became crystal clear after we received the results of this survey is that when it comes to important and frequently used features for electronics, reliable protection from water and other contaminants really does matter to end users. Luckily for the companies that make electronics, HZO is a product designer’s dream in terms of developing electronics that are truly resistant to the risks associated with exposure to liquids. Our technology is optically clear and is applied to the sensitive electronics inside of devices, requiring no design changes to form, fit, or function.

Sounds like an HZO Protected tablet is a Win-Win waiting to happen.

Note: A big thank you to our research partners, Lynn Castronuovo and Rich Schreuer at Echo Cove, for completing this project for HZO at breakneck speed.

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