How Many Employees Fit in the HZO Deposition Chamber?

 The answer? 3.5. We know this looks like complete shenanigans, and full disclosure, a good portion of it was. But shenanigans aside, there was a point to shoving as many engineers as we could into our deposition chamber. We wanted to show the size of HZO‘s chamber is bigger, a lot bigger. In fact, compared to the competition HZO’s standard deposition chamber – and that’s not even the largest model we offer – is nearly 40% larger.

Why does this matter? The larger the chamber, the greater the number of devices that can be coated in each batch – saving time, resources and most importantly money. HZO’s standard machine has the capacity to protect (at one time) 500-1000 more wearables, 500-800 more phones and 60-200 more tablets than the competition. Thinking in terms of OEM’s, this size is important because each is producing thousands or even millions of devices, and don’t have the luxury to coat devices in small  batches.

Also, HZO’s machine has the capacity to hold nearly 5X the amount of raw materials versus our competitors, which allows for a higher deposition delivery rate. The higher the delivery rate, the greater the number of devices that can be treated in each batch, and the thicker each device can be coated and protected. We know this sounds rather scientific, but literally all it means is that our machine can hold more source material, and therefore can coat more devices per batch.

As many of our followers know, CES 2015 was the launching pad for HZO to demo a waterproof 40” TV. At the show nearly every visitor to our booth asked the same question, “How did HZO waterproof a TV?” A good question. Aside from HZO technology, the size of our deposition chamber is the biggest (literally) reason why we were able to waterproof such a large device. If the HZO chamber is large enough to fit a TV, that means we can protect and waterproof nearly any size of device, even 3.5 men.

So all in all, what did we learn? Size matters; and in this case bigger is definitely better.

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