How To Increase Your Product’s Value with HZO’s Spectrum of Protection™

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Your customers value protection. They expect a product to perform as promised in the specific environment or conditions it is exposed to. No more, and certainly – no less. As an OEM of electronic products, your manufacturing processes shouldn’t be limited by the restrictions of traditional and obtuse waterproofing methods. Legacy electrical protection solutions, like rubber mechanical seals or stoppers, will only get you so far in precise protection, customer satisfaction and potentially only a partial or delayed reduction in warranty returns due to moisture damage issues.

HZO’s Spectrum of Protection™ allows you to choose from a wide variety of materials and composition mixtures to provide the exact waterproofing and environment protection you promise your customers. Selecting a material composition from HZO’s Spectrum of Protection™ eliminates the need for legacy, traditional water ingress protection methods that cannot offer precise promised protection.

Drawing on a diverse portfolio of materials, we offer everything from Parylene conformal coatings for electronics to nano coatings made of a variety of materials. The coatings from the Parylene family are applied at a micron level, while coatings in our nano coatings category are applied at a nano level.

Working with our dedicated engineers, we’ll help you determine the best coating solution within our Spectrum of Protection™ that is designed to offer the precise protection you’re looking for, regardless of PCB size or shape.

  • Do you need waterproofing protection for automotive electrical components that will last more than 15 years, but adds nearly nothing to the part itself? We have a solution for that.
  • Do you need a waterproofing coating to prevent corrosion in humid or sweaty environments? We have a solution for that.
  • Do you need a waterproof coating that is durable, optically clear, and virtually chemically inert? We have a solution for that.
  • Do you only need a protective coating that will last long enough for one-time use biocompatible devices? We have a solution for that.

HZO has protected hundreds of different types of electrical components because we’ve perfected the processes and material solutions to accommodate for a wide variety of commercial considerations. We know protection adds value and that precise protection offers even greater value. We know that things like different protection levels (should it be IPX7 or IPX8?), the type of protection you might need (protects against salt only, or corrosive gases and chemical substances), space requirements for the device itself, price points, and potential competitor threats are all critical to our customers – and yours.

With HZO’s Spectrum of Protection™, your design engineers are freed up to make improvements in the overall handling, weight, and efficiency of your product, knowing that your desired level of protection is covered – literally. You’re not limited to having to adjust or design in space considerations to account for a water protection method that will eventually fail. Because HZO offers a full spectrum of protective coating solutions to choose from, you choose exactly which type, and what available blends will provide the protection you’re looking for, increasing the value of your product.

In the day and age where end-user customers demand waterproofing as a standard feature in their electronics, it makes sense to choose an electrical waterproofing provider that gives you lots of choices. At HZO, we’re ready and able to do just that.

We make it easy to learn more. Visit us at HZO.com to see how we can increase your specific product’s value.

Ryan Moore

Ryan is a 9-year veteran to the world of protecting electronics from harsh environments and a lover of all things technology.

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