How to Promote Medical Equipment Coating Reliability with Parylene

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Parylene conformal coatings have been used within the medical industry for decades to promote the reliability of implants and other critical medical devices for good reasons. Compared to other conformal coatings, Parylene exhibits superiority in uniform coverage, performance, and barrier properties at comparably thinner films with virtually no added weight.

Other Parylene advantages for medical devices include:

  • Lightweight
  • Thermal stability
  • Optically clear
  • Non-irritating to skin
  • Solvent-free, sustainable coating with no curing
  • Excellent moisture, dielectric, and chemical protection
  • FDA approved with a USP XII, Class VI biocompatibility rating

In the past, partnering with medical device coating companies that provide Parylene coating technology has been both cost-restrictive and a barrier to scalability due to the CVD (chemical vapor deposition) coating application process. CVD is a batch process and can entail longer coating runs. This is no longer the case, as we have optimized our Parylene manufacturing services with cost-cutting automation and optimized coating chambers to provide high-quality, precision coatings for other medical applications with higher throughput and adaptability.

Medical Equipment Coating Applications

medical equipment coating

HZO can apply medical coatings to many types of equipment, including the following:

  • Infusion medical supplies
  • Electrosurgical tools
  • Powered surgical tools
  • Electronics in imaging
  • Elastomers
  • COPD monitors
  • Sensors (such as x-ray for dental)
  • Dermatological needles
  • Catheters

The Benefits of Working With HZO as a Medical Device Coating Company

We Support Sustainability Efforts

Medical equipment manufacturers may experience increasing pressure to meet sustainability guidelines, such as RoHS, Prop 65, and REACH. These regulations can have far-reaching consequences throughout the manufacturing process, even affecting raw material selection. Parylene is a compliant solution with no cure time.

Our Coatings have:

  • Biostability – stable within a biological operating environment
  • No VOCs – no volatile organic compounds
  • No catalysts – pure and free of trace ionic impurities
  • No solvents – no solvents found within the material
  • No cure time – no additional time or equipment needed for curing
  • No pollution threats – no harmful pollutants found with the material

Additionally, as a green manufacturer, our support includes:

  • Material oversight
  • Responsible end-of-life management
  • Proactive chemical management
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Preparation for repair, reuse, and recycling
  • Green material usage

High-Performance Solutions

Parylene requires a batch-style coating process and, sometimes, a longer coating time. HZO addresses these shortcomings with our manufacturing and engineering solutions, with the ability to rise to mass-scale production within your specified budget or deadline.

One of our focuses is on creating tight run-to-run repeatability with unique CVD attributes to ensure consistent protection. These may include pressure, materials, coverage, temperature customizations, and environmental considerations.

When our in-house designed equipment combines with our tested processes and chemistry, our throughput can be two times faster than the industry standard.

Our equipment that includes optimized cubed chambers can house more components and substrates than any other Parylene vendor in the industry, effectively decreasing turnaround time and improving throughput.

Our chambers are larger in size; however, the cubed shape also allows for high loading density so that not as much surface area is lost. Although the number of parts coated for medical devices may vary, around 10,000 – 20,0000 medical hearable device components or batteries may be coated in a single batch.

Contact HZO for Medical Equipment Coating Services

HZO is dedicated to customer success, spending considerable effort on quality assurance and customer convenience, augmented by highly configurable turnkey solutions and flexible business models. Contact us to speak to an engineer if you would like real-world reliability for your medical equipment.

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