How to Work With HZO to Make Digital Devices Waterproof

Posted on April 24th, 2015 by

You may already know that HZO doesn’t coat personal aftermarket digital devices. If you’re a smartphone or tablet owner reading this, we’re sorry.

Don’t get us wrong. We could start doing it tomorrow if it were the right way to protect digital products and increase long-term performance. In fact, we coat and test aftermarket digital products all the time for internal purposes and demo devices, but it’s not the way HZO does business. That’s because any method to try and protect products after design and assembly is simply not an effective way to prevent damage from liquid exposure, and failure because of resulting corrosion.

That’s why we do what we do here at HZO. We work directly with manufacturers, product developers, engineers, brands and companies that design, develop and build equipment to introduce our technology right into the design of a product. Why? Because it makes the power of our technology that much more effective and reliable.

If an HZO protected aftermarket digital device can last more than 850 hours of repetitive exposure to water, imagine how the technology may perform if it was designed directly in as a feature.

So how is it then that HZO works with companies to create waterproof products? A few different ways:

1. Manufacturing Partnerships
Innovations to HZO’s core technology has led to an end-to-end system capable of supporting the scalable, high volume production facilities that support some of the world’s top digital product brands.

For OEMs, Contract Manufacturers and Application Providers, HZO equipment has been designed for easy integration and minimal interruption into facilities where HZO technology can be offered as a product feature alongside full manufacturing and supply chain support.

2. Customer Equipment Purchase and Lease
For companies with their own production capabilities, HZO will directly sell or lease its equipment, install the machine and provide complete training, integration support and ongoing technical collaboration.

3. Device Protection as a Service
For the companies and brands sourcing or developing products without manufacturing capabilities, HZO offers a product protection service along with engineering/technical support and process development for components and boards. In this case, parts would be shipped to an HZO facility where the defined process would be implemented, the parts protected and then returned.

So What’s Right for Your Product or Business?

HZO is committed to helping our customers and partners maximize the benefits of our technology by identifying and understanding performance requirements that vary by product, company and industry. Our depth of involvement on each project also helps us make decisions about best supporting those objectives.

How and where a product makes the actual transition from a waterproof concept to HZO Protected can depend on key factors that are discussed very early in every relationship. These considerations include things like:

  • Production Volume
  • Product Size and Complexity
  • Manufacturing Relationship and/or Capabilities

Partnering with HZO on a project is an endeavor that comes not only with unparalleled water, liquid and corrosion protection for devices, but it also comes with long-term benefits. Because HZO is a technology licensing company, partners that adopt our equipment and technology solutions gain the advantages of adopting our processes and acquiring future innovations and advancements the company makes. That includes access to the chemistry, solution development, patented application process, equipment, delivery and the benefits of in-depth technical support.

HZO is in the business of protecting digital equipment from water and other liquids, so no matter the business model, industry or production volume, we’re ready to help.

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