Protection that Plugs into your Plant and your Processes

Posted on August 29th, 2019 by

Every OEM factory needs a robust approach when it comes to answering the demand for waterproofing electronics during manufacturing.

Getting electronics waterproofed and protected quickly, efficiently, and on a mass-production scale is a top priority at HZO. While many coating or waterproofing providers only offer only one location for production – their facility, HZO offers multiple location solutions. This diverse approach is unique to the industry and tailored to the need of our customers.

In addition to our own coating facilities, we have created the ability to transplant our waterproofing and coating processes and plug them directly into an OEM’s existing manufacturing process. HZO works with OEMs and manufacturers to place HZO employees, processes, materials, and equipment, at their location, so they don’t have to worry about what’s happening to their product off-site.

HZO’s ‘Factory in Factory’ model takes the logistical burden out of waterproofing and delivers peace of mind. It’s that easy. Having both our machine in the factory and handling the coating process from start to finish, gives manufacturers peace of mind and greater confidence that deadlines will be met, and that quality will be exceeded.

Coating larger pieces or millions of miniature pieces? Neither is a problem with our proven, mastered, and turnkey factory-in-factory business model. We care about your products as much as you do. You deserve a process that works with your:

  • Design specifications
  • Concerns for responsible manufacturing
  • Deadline
  • Budget concerns

Our mastered, time-tested, well-oiled processes will protect your electrical components to meet or exceed any ingress protection ratings you might be aiming for – in our factory or yours.

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