How Waterproof is Your Phone? A Paradigm Shift in Electronics Liquid Protection

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“Nah, dude. It’s IPX7 rated. I can dunk my phone in the pool for up to 30 minutes, and it’ll be fine.” This was all I heard as I passed by the two gentlemen having a conversation about their upcoming vacation. My teeth met, and I cringed. I felt conflicted.

Do I say something or do I not?

  • Do they know that ingress protection (i.e., IPX4, IPX7) ratings are only good for new, unused, still in the package products? The ingress protection ratings (or IP ratings) determine at what level the device’s electronics are protected from dust, corrosive substances or any other liquid other than fresh water.
  • Do they know that if the electronics of the device are exposed to different liquids other than fresh water, it could diminish the life of the electronics?
  • Would their warranty cover this issue if they purposely used it underwater in the hotel swimming pool? What if they did this for 20 minutes one day and repeated that three more times during the same week? Would the phone or device still hold up?
  • How sure are they that the phone’s rubber gaskets haven’t been compromised, even just a tiny bit, by previous drops or temperature changes since they’ve owned the device?

Any one of these issues can affect a phone or any other electronic device we depend on.

The gentleman’s conversation highlighted a critical, but common misconception: if a phone or other device is rated at IPX_ (pick a number), it has a certain level of protection from any kind of liquid, repeatedly over the device’s lifetime. And that’s just not true.

HZO believes in taking a different approach to waterproofing electronics to avoid the problems mentioned above. We start by working directly with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to protect the electrical components inside your device by applying conformal, nano coatings, or hybrid protection coatings to the circuitry itself. Unlike current standards, HZO protects against the liquid hazards of mobile life after your product leaves the box.

This means, that if water, (clear, pure, salty, filter, unfiltered, chlorinated, soapy, etc.), or other liquids such as coffee, beer, soda and more can breach the mechanical seals and rubber stoppers that may be put into place, the electronics of your device are unfazed.

You don’t have to worry about dealing with costly or hassled warranty repairs because you:

  • Accidentally dropped your phone in the toilet
  • Forgot to take it out of your back pocket before jumping (or being pushed) into the pool
  • Risked taking your eReader into that long, luxurious bath you deserved
  • Dropped your phone into a mud puddle containing pet waste, storm run-off, or oil
  • Had your earbuds directly splashed by a sprinkler during your run
  • Spilled a hot or sticky beverage onto a cracked screen
  • Took a shower while wearing your favorite wearable
  • Forgot to bring the device inside on the most humid day of the year

With the consumer electronics industry set to grow from 38.9% user penetration to 53.8% by 2023, in the United States alone, HZO is ready to answer the waterproofing and protection needs of the future, with ease. Our electronics liquid protection solutions are applied at microns thin levels.

By applying a layer of waterproofing to the printed circuit boards and other electrical components first, you can be assured that even if other protection methods fail on the device, your device will last longer. This lets you begin taking your devices into environments and situations, previously not heard of. The same can’t be said for many ‘rated’ products currently on the market.

Welcome to the paradigm change in electronics liquid protection. If it doesn’t say HZO, you’re not truly protected.

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