HzO at CES

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Samsung Galaxy S II being tested by HzO

Last week HzO attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada to show off their WaterBlock™ technology. To say the show was a success would be an understatement. In four short days, the company amassed positive media feedback from countless high profile sources including the New York Times, Forbes, Macworld, TechCrunch and more. Good Morning America called WaterBlock™ “technology at its best,” while NPR stated that “this little company has become a media sensation.”

HzO is of course thrilled by the enormous coverage, but isn’t surprised by the publicity.

“The immense interest from media and potential customers at this show is strong validation of the strength of our technology and market timing for HzO,” said Paul Clayson, president and chief executive of HzO.

R&D at HzO

HzO’s proprietary WaterBlock™ is cutting-edge technology that protects valuable electronics from water, humidity, and other liquids. Powerful and invisible, WaterBlock™ protects on the molecular scale. With a million phones damaged by water each year and 52% of them dropped in the toilet, people on HzO’s FacebookYouTube and Twitter accounts have asking how and when they can get their hands on a WaterBlock™ coated device.

The answer is that HzO is in talks with various manufacturers to bring it to the next generation of mobile devices at little cost to the consumer.

Despite all the success at Consumer Electronics Show, the company doesn’t plan to stop there. The WaterBlock™ technology promises great protection for not just gadgets and electronics but cars and textiles as well. CES seemed to be just the beginning for this great product and company, but what a great beginning it was.


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