HZO Brightens the Future of LED Protection

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From large outdoor display boards to tiny lighting strips in wearables and commercial applications, LEDs are used everywhere. Because of their versatility, LEDs are used in harsh environments and often exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, salty atmospheres and extended UV exposure. To ensure functionality and long-term performance, LED boards need to be protected. HZO is the solution.

How Does HZO Protect LEDs

The Parylene-based technology HZO delivers is the ideal coating solution for LED boards of any kind. By applying a thin-film barrier that is optically clear and pinhole-free, HZO protects sensitive electronics against long-term exposure to corrosive and damaging conditions like fog, humidity, rain, extreme temperatures and other environmental factors that shorten the life of LED panels.

Why HZO?

To date, HZO has developed several unique patent-pending processes, techniques and templates that allow for different methods for  masking, removal and/or ablation of the HZO coating material after it is applied. These advances aim to greatly reduce the manual processes associated with traditional Parylene coatings, and the multi-step processes involved with materials like acrylic and silicone. These innovations have shortened HZO preparation time on the front end, and nearly removed the need for re-work on the back end. For LED manufacturers this means less time, less cost and enhanced performance.

The HZO Difference:

  • Single step coating process
  • Reduced cost for material, re-work and replacements
  • Streamlined application process
  • Ultra-light material – Greatly reduces overall weight
  • Pinhole free, continuous barrier protection
  • Optically clear – No discoloration or yellowing of LEDs
  • Seamless manufacturer integrations
  • High volume throughput
  • Extended product life
  • Superior solution to traditional LED protection

Ryan Moore

Ryan is a 9-year veteran to the world of protecting electronics from harsh environments and a lover of all things technology.

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