HZO Broadens the Scope of Parylene Use

The original development of our conformal coating technology began in 2007. As a coating company that now licenses those solutions on the back of more than 200 patent filings, it can be said that we’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings. HZO now successfully protects millions of digital devices from the ill effects of liquids, sweat, humidity, dust, or other contaminants.

Today we wanted to give a little nod to our origin story and provide a high-level introduction to a material that serves as a building block of our technology.

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Parylene Protection

Parylene (or Poly(p-xylylene) as it’s also known) is a protective polymer formed using a chemical vapor deposition process. The resulting material is a moisture-resistant, dielectric thin film barrier that has been used for over five decades on a wide range of products. Parylene is biocompatible, has good optical properties, and is resistant to chemicals. Think big. Think powerful. Parylene has been protecting equipment, components, and products used throughout some of the most advanced industries in the world.

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HZO has developed its proprietary technology utilizing Parylene as a building block and, over the years, has developed its chemistry, automated Parylene masking equipment, Parylene removal processes, systems, and methods of commercialization that together form a powerful and unique conformal protective solution.

Parylene Overview

So why have most people never heard of it? A major obstacle to Parylene becoming more widely adopted in other markets and on many other products, including consumer devices, has always been due largely to cost.

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But not only does the raw material have a history of high price, but over the years, there have been challenges associated with things like scalability, manufacturing integration, device complexity, and what has historically been a manual process for masking and damasking sensitive areas that need to be protected from the protective layering (i.e., the process of protecting certain components from the protective layering material).

To the credit of Parylene companies that have been in that market for much of this journey, the technology has improved dramatically over time, and the material has a sterling reputation in certain markets where development has been focused. But what about other industries that need the same kind of powerful protection?

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HZO Parylene Coating Equipment Broadens the Scope

HZO has broadened the scale of usage for this powerful, organic material by making it available to companies and manufacturers that would not have considered it an option until now. The application’s utility is what separates HZO from other companies in the Parylene space.

We talk a lot about the power of the Total HZO Solution. This includes more than our thin-film protective layering technology that protects digital devices from corrosive liquids; it also includes the advances in equipment, integration, and highly specialized processes required to protect some of the world’s most complicated digital devices. Years of driving the technology forward have positioned HZO as the leader in developing custom solutions for digital devices, utilizing Parylene as part of that equation.

These ongoing innovations get passed on to every company we have the privilege of working with, and HZO has made the benefits of Parylene more accessible and affordable to more companies than ever before. As a result, more liquid, sweat, and corrosion-resistant products are reaching the hands of consumers. The change in performance is starting to get noticed, and the cry for better protection on consumer devices has never been stronger.

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Ryan Moore

Ryan is a 9-year veteran to the world of protecting electronics from harsh environments and a lover of all things technology.

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