HZO Chemist Strikes Again With a Paper on Metrology

Posted on November 13th, 2015 by

This isn’t the first time we’ve called attention to HZO’s favorite chemist. The indispensable and brilliant, Dr. Sean Clancy, PhD (AKA The Chemist), helps guide the science behind our technology. As he continues to influence and enhance HZO water protection solutions, he also continues to expand his body of published work.

His most recent paper,  Competitive Analysis of Parylene Coatings Based on Metrology, was recently accepted and published on the Circuits Assembly website. Huzzah, Dr. Clancy.

Metrology: Not About Clouds

Measuring Salt Fog Metrology is the science of measurement, often used in technology and scientific fields to help determine both experimental and theoretical levels of uncertainty. How thick does this have to be? How far will that stretch? As in many industries, measurement is paramount to understanding the capabilities and limitations of a something (say a polymer film) based on things like composition and the surrounding environments.

For the HZO thin-film material, metrology covers a variety of measurements ranging from environmental testing, sulfur corrosion, contact angle and material specifications,  just to name a few. In other words, metrology plays a big role in understanding, advancing and maximizing the science of application of a coating technology like HZO.

The scientists at HZO continually analyze and test our material alongside that of other market coatings, as done in Dr. Clancy’s research. These efforts help amass greater knowledge and insight that enables us to provide the most advanced liquid protection and corrosion prevention solutions in the world. The specifications targeted by HZO are often guided by industry partners and customers, but we strive to go further. And while the science of testing and measuring material properties and performance allows us to align with current demands, our material science experts rely on the results of Metrology as just one of many tools used to develop the total HZO solution.

Congratulations to Dr. Clancy on his latest published article, and a humble bow to all of the engineers, scientists, technicians and R&D experts at HZO who bring this powerful technology to life. Here’s to waterproof electronics for all in an HZO Protected World.

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