HZO Egg Drop 2015

FullSizeRenderHere at HZO, we’re focused on liquid protection solutions for electronics 365 days a year…except for a few hours in April. That’s when team members from every department in the company put on their engineering hats to solve a perplexing question: how do you get an egg to survive a two story fall?

2015 marked the second annual HZO Egg Drop contest, taking place the Thursday before Easter. Participants were tasked to construct a creation no larger than 6”x6”x6” that would protect a raw egg from a drop off of HZO’s roof. As you would expect, there was a wide variety of designs, ranging from mangled Dixie cups taped together to containers within containers aided by a 3’ diameter parachute.

The results were as varied as the design themselves. Most eggs faced a scrambled death on the asphalt, but some managed to survive multiple drops at the relief of their creators, and the eggs. Some participants decided to go a different route to win the coveted “Humpty Dumpty Award”, producing the most spectacular splat, with one contraption containing a baking soda and vinegar package.

With the flour settled and Dylan from shipping sweeping up the shells, the company turns back to creating an HZO Protected World…until next April.

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