HZO Enjoys Another Successful Wearable Tech Event

After spending the better part of last week in NYC at the Wearable Tech Expo, the HZO team is settling back in at home base in Utah to review the exciting new connections we made and consider the impact of emerging hardware, software, devices and gadgets as they continue to emerge and evolve in the wearable space. A big thanks goes out to all the great people at this show who are pushing the limits of what’s possible, and leading the conversations around why it matters. From HZO’s point of view, the question isn’t if wearables will reach mainstream adoption, it’s when.


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We’re also very happy to report that HZO returned once again with high accolades from a panel of our peers, judging HZO the ‘Best Advanced Technology’ at this year’s event. While we’re honored to have our technology recognized for the third time in a row at the Wearable Tech Expo (last summer in NY and last December in LA), we like to think of this as further validation from wearable tech’s innovators and early adopters. HZO’s protective technology has the power to make a game changing impact for some of these designers, product developers and businesses and receiving this recognition affirms that others see that potential.

Congratulations to all the other award winners, to everyone who participated in another interesting show, and to TMC for their efforts to make it happen. We [heart] New York!

HZO has made it a point to be an active participant in the conversations around wearable devices and why intelligent, meaningful and game changing features are going to be a big part of what defines these products and makes them stand out in a sea of emerging competition.

A big part of making that transition will be not only in an end users willingness to wear a more personal and integrated device, but to also believe a device will not have a negative impact on their lifestyle. That’s why we really believe that as HZO waterproofing technology is introduced into more of these emerging products that people will start to have more confidence in a devices ability to go anywhere.


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