HZO Expands International Operations to China

HZO Expands International Operations Into China

Company Anticipates Growing Demand for protective Technology


DRAPER, UTAH  — Dec. 11, 2013 — HzO, Inc. (www.hzo.com), the leader in next-generation liquid and corrosion protection technology for electronics has expanded its international operations to include executive offices and a production facility in China. Located in Shenzhen, the executive offices will provide a gateway to existing and future business partnerships in the heart of the world’s electronic device manufacturing region. Situated in Zhuhai, the new production facility will offer HzO partners in the region an immediate and scalable solution for their electronics that consumers are demanding.

“We are eager to expand our operations around the world and bring our superior, proprietary technology and process to markets that have an immediate need to protect their sensitive devices and components from liquids, moisture and corrosion,” said Sergio Leveratto, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at HzO. “With our new facility in China, we are closer to important manufacturing sites and can improve time to market for our customers that need end-to-end protective solutions in industrial, consumer electronics, and life sciences, markets.”

HzO’s proprietary nanotechnology is a thin-film surface coating applied using a chemical vapor deposition process. Unlike any other protective technology currently available, HZO coatings seal vital electronic components that are often compromised and corroded by exposure to corrosives ranging from water and liquids to gases and atmospheric particles. HZO’s nanocoating provides next generation protection against accidental or persistent exposure to moisture, including prolonged submersion in a wide range of liquids.

The executive offices in Shenzhen are already conducting business, and the production facility in Zhuhai will begin operating at full capacity in January 2014. As with its current operations in the United States, HZO’s outposts in China will work in partnership with electronics manufacturers to evaluate and coat devices and components that provide the best solution to protect against liquid and corrosion damage. In addition to collaborating with companies to integrate its transformative, licensable technology early in the design and manufacturing process, in some cases HZO may be able to accommodate third-party vendors and after-market applications.

“Although HZO’s technology is flexible enough to treat products in virtually any point of their production cycle,” continued Leveratto, “our customers have found that incorporating our technology early in the design and production phase contributes to increased operational effectiveness, capital efficiency and ROI. Plus, with end-users increasingly expecting greater protection for devices, its really time to start taking protective technology into consideration early in the process in order to keep up with more demanding standards.”

For more information about HZO’s proprietary technology and its application process, visit www.hzo.com.


About HzO, Inc.

HzO is the leader in protective technology for any kind of device and electronic component. The company’s end-to-end manufacturing solution is secured by international patents and is the world standard in full protection from corrosives and liquid submersion. Winner of the 2012 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award, the Utah Innovation Award, and the Best Technology Award at Wearable Tech Expo in 2013, HZO has been named one of the Top Ten Emerging Nano-Companies in the U.S. in each of the past two years. Visit hzo.com for more information.

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