HZO Faces: Gus Schwab

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Meet the best summer intern a tech company could dream of having, Gus Schwab. For the second summer in a row, Gus worked in the trenches with our HZO engineers and had the opportunity to learn first-hand how to turn customer requirements into the solutions HZO designs to protect devices from water and liquids that cause damage to electronics.

It’s with mixed emotions that we ship Gus back to the University of Utah to finish his senior year and earn his prized degree in Mechanical Engineering. We are particularly fond of mechanical engineers, the ones who figure out how things work in the effort to make better products.

Even though we are kicking Gus off the HZO bus, we hope he comes back and visits us often. Some interesting tidbits we learned about one of our favorite interns:


What are your plans after graduation?

I want to work as a machinist; getting my hands dirty and seeing first-hand how things work.

What is an issue that concerns you?

I’m worried about our oceans. I think they are very sick.

Is there a product you wished you had designed?

Not a specific product, but I am interested in designing and building boats.

What did you like about your HZO internship?

I enjoyed working on a failure analysis. I like figuring out the weak point in a product and coming up with ideas on how to make it better. If that idea adds little cost, all the better.

Has anyone ever said you resemble Keanu Reeves?

I get that sometimes, particularly after people watch Point Break.

Good luck at school Gus. We miss you already.

Gus the Intern

Gus the Actor

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