HZO FAQ’s: General Information

Q: What is HZO?

A: HZO is a thin-film organic polymer that is applied using a process called chemical vapor deposition. Our technology protects the sensitive components inside of electronics. We work with a wide range of products from cell phones to eReaders to ruggedized computers used in mining to GPS locators for the elderly.


Q. How long has HZO been around?

A. HZO got its start in 2007 when it was in technology development at Northeast Maritime Institute. In 2010, HZO technology was transferred to Utah and in mid-2011, HZO started developing its unique patented equipment and the processes we use today.


Q: What is the HZO business model?

A: HZO is a technology solutions and licensing company based on licensing and royalties.


Q: Who does HZO work with?

A: HZO works exclusively with OEMs and contract manufacturers. Currently we do not offer an aftermarket solution for consumers.


Q. Why is HZO better than other products and solutions on the market?

A. HZO is a completely different solution in several ways. First, HZO is a permanent solution, whereas mechanical seals break down and loosen with wear and time. Second, HZO is applied to the inside of electronics (e.g. PCBs, components) during manufacturing and assembly, rather than an aftermarket solution like Liquipel. Third, with HZO, devices are waterproof up to and including submersion, rather than splash proof like P2i. Fourth, HZO is thin film and optically clear, requiring no design changes to form, fit, or function.


Q: How much does HZO cost?

A: HZO pricing is based on the size and complexity of the device. Our technical team breaks down and analyzes each device to understand how to best protect it. Once we better understand the complexity of the device, we can quote a price and recommend a superior protection solution.


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